Spanish I (Beginners) Course Description

Please be informed:  during the  2018-2019 school year, Senor Leven will only be tutoring new students at this level (one-on-one or one-on two).  There will not be any formal classes of Spanish 1 for this coming year.   For information re personal tutoring, please email me at the address below.

Thank you

Spanish I is designed as an introductory course for absolute beginners, and as such, will establish a strong foundation and promote future success in Spanish learning for years of study to come.  The instructor will provide practice on all the lexical and grammatical items introduced in the first two-thirds of the textbook and workbook.  The detailed practice and accompanying drills will strongly develop the four essential skills of learning Spanish: understanding, speaking, reading, and writing.  This is a class with lots of speaking!  This course features some interesting on line activities, both in listening as well as in reading and writing.  It will be fun mixed in with some work.

Required Texts:

  • DESCUBRE @2014 Edition Level 1 - This wonderful interactive system includes a beautiful text, a code for access to the publisher's SUPERSITIO and the eCuaderno. This program offers a wonderful way to learn and features intelligent and interesting activities to enhance the total learning experience for students studying Spanish at this level.
  • ISBN:978-1-61857-405-3                               

    (Student edition and Supersite and eCuaderno code)   
       To purchase please go to  (the publisher)
  • Buying from the publisher assures access to the computer components, which are so essential in getting a variety of activities as well as sufficient practice and drill.
    Our "school" is called PA Homeschoolers
    Time Requirements: Depending on student ability and interest, students will usually devote a maximum of 2 - 3 hours per week on preparing for this class.  Preparation regularly includes activity in all four skills: understanding, speaking, reading, and writing.  Students are encouraged to stay in email contact with their teacher should any questions develop.

    Technical Requirements: Reliable internet, e-mail, and Skype.
Who should register?  Students who are desirous of beginning the study of Spanish and have had no prior formal training in learning Spanish.  Students should be at least in 7th grade.

Tuition: Costs for this year-long course will be $675 until July 1st; $725 after that  Classes last about one hour and will start immediately after Labor Day by consensus. There will be no classes during the week of Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter.

There will be a maximum of seven students per class in order to give each student the individual time he or she might need. One-on-one tutoring is available at this level.

Questions? Concerns?
           Email Ray Leven for answers. Gracias!


Testimonials for Spanish I Course

I very much enjoyed taking Spanish 1 with Señor Leven. All of the lessons were very clear and understandable, and my parents have been impressed with how much I have learned this year, having had no previous experience learning Spanish.

Being able to see and hear Señor Leven and the other students during our skype classes made for a very friendly, non-intimidating classroom atmosphere to learn Spanish and practice with classmates. I have found that Señor Leven's drills and exercises during class times have really helped me to grasp all the concepts and understand the language. Señor Leven has high standards and expects his students to be diligent in learning and studying, but he is is very patient and full of encouragement, which I think has contributed greatly to my progress in learning Spanish this year."

-Stephanie Cavanaugh

"Señor Leven has been my tutor this year in Spanish one.  Besides being a great and a caring teacher, he was able to be flexible in scheduling classes with me as I participate in activities and team sports with changing schedules.  Sometimes we have class for one hour and sometimes more- depending on what’s happening in my life.  This is why the tutoring option works best for me and my family.   Señor L regularly assigns homework but it is meaningful and reasonable.  Class time is very well spent and his sense of humor keeps everything moving. I will have learned way more Spanish by June with him than my friends learned in school.  He’s a great tutor and I enjoy learning with him!"  

 -Justin Restivo

"Señor Leven is a very effective teacher. Through his teaching, I have learned much more Spanish then I learned from taking a year of Rosetta Stone Spanish. His methods of teaching helped me to understand Spanish rather then memorize words. I have learn how to ask in Spanish many kinds of questions besides just saying or writing answers. This is very important because once you understand the language, it is easier to speak it."

-Jonah Gunter

"Ray's classes are efficient and very productive. He enforces vocabulary learned during the week by using flashcards and by asking students questions in Spanish, giving each student a chance to ask as well as answer many questions in Spanish in one lesson. My vocabulary has increased substantially in only a few months, and I now have much more confidence speaking Spanish."

-Jennifer John