This workshop targets instructors of all levels desiring to connect student learning to languages for careers. Focus areas include Spanish for Marketing and Spanish for Medical Professions at the course or lesson level.

The workshop features the following activities:

·      talk by author Laura Sonderup of Hispanidad/ Heinrich Marketing  and author of Hispanic Marketing in the Heartland: A Hands-on Guide (2011)

·      lunch at the University of Colorado Denver Business School with guest speaker about Medical Spanish competency certification,

·      interactive session with an expert on impacts of culture and language on health outcomes in the Spanish-speaking world at both the local, clinical and international development levels

We hope you will add more resources you may have on the workshop topics and add comments where you feel appropriate.  This site is for everyone to interact and collaborate by sharing ideas, materials, successes, and challenges...


Workshop Participants                                     




Marion Bittinger

Rosetta Stone


Ada Espinosa

Universidad Nacional Autónoma

de México-Los Angeles


Erin Farb

Community College of Denver


Ferna Fetterman



Roberta Lavine

University of Maryland


Maria Magdalena


Davidson College


Ruth Owens

Arkansas State University


Diana Ruggiero

University of Memphis


Therese Tardio

Carnegie Mellon University


 Maria Verwiel
  Savannah Arts Academy

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Workshop Facilitators




Mary K. Long

 University of Colorado at Boulder




Mary Risner

University of Florida



Sheri Spaine Long

University of North Carolina at Charlotte