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Stem changing verbs


1. - O changes to UE

ALMORZAR. to eat lunch

APROBAR. to approve

COLGAR. to hung (up)

CONTAR, to count

COSTAR, to cost

DEVOLVER, to return (an object)

DORMIR, to sleep

ENCONTRAR, to find

ENVOLVER, to wrap (up)

MORDER, to bite

MORIR, to die

PROBAR, to prove, test, sample, taste

RECORDAR, to remember

ROGAR, to beg, pray

SONAR, to sound, ring

SOÑAR (con), to dream (about)

TOSTAR, to toast

VOLVER, to return

VOLAR, to fly


2. - E changes to IE

ACERTAR, to guess, get right

ADVERTIR, to advice, warn

CERRAR, to close, shut

COMENZAR, to begin

CONFESAR, to confess

CONCERNIR, to consent

CONVERTIR, to convert

DEFENDER, to defend

EMPEZAR, to begin

ENCENDER, to light, kindle

ENTENDER, to understand

FREGAR, to scrub, wash dishes

HERVIR, to boil

MENTIR, to lie, tell a lie

NEGAR, to deny

PENSAR (en), to think (about)

PERDER, to lose

PREFERIR, to prefer

QUERER, to want, wish

REFERIR, to refer

SENTIR, to feel sorry, regret

SUGERIR, to suggest

TEMBLAR, to tremble

TROPEZAR, to stumble, bump into.


3. - E changes to I

BENDECIR, to bless

COLEGIR, to deduce

COMPETIR, to compete

CONSEGUIR, to obtain, get

CORREGIR, to correct

DECIR, to say, tell

DESPEDIR, to fire

ELEGIR, to elect

FREIR, to fry

IMPEDIR, to impede, hinder

MEDIR, to be long, to measure

PEDIR, to request, ask for

REIR, to laugh

REPETIR, to repeat

SEGUIR, to follow, continue

SERVIR, to serve