Research Artists

Mastery Objective: You will be able to research a Spanish artist, discover information about their life and work and analyze and discuss their artwork to create a online art exhibit for that artist using Google sites. 

Step 1: Log in to google sites ( with your LRHSD account 
Step 2: Use the resources below for your research and keep track of all citations for information, pictures and video in a word document.
Step 3: Create an online art exhibit for your artist using Google sites.  

Research one of the following artists:
  • El Greco 
  • Diego Velazquez 
  • Francisco de Goya 
  • Pablo Picasso 
  • Salvador Dali 
  • Frida Kahlo 
  • Diego Rivera
  • Enter password: lenapehs1
  • Search for the artist's name (be sure to spell it correctly!)
  • Explore the REFERENCE articles (you MUST print one of these articles for background information) - notice the "source citation" at the bottom of the article
  • Also look at the NEWS, MAGAZINES and WEBSITES links for additional articles and information
  • Enter password: lenapehs1
  • Search for the artist's name or the title of a specific work of art
  • Find articles from reference books
  • Since these reference books are digitized, you can save and use any of the pictures within the articles
  • For all information and pictures, be sure to copy the SOURCE CITATION at the bottom of every article

ART MUSEUM WEBSITES (search collections for your artist)
Websites - selected websites on the artists

General Rule
  • Use only CREDIBLE and RELIABLE websites - from colleges/universities, art museums, official artist websites, artifact collections, etc.  
  • Do NOT use blogs, wikipedia, etc.
FRIDA KAHLO - Frida Kahlo from PBS

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