Family Histories & Connections / Familie Historie & Verbindungen

Read or click to see if you have a connection here!  Otherwise, please feel free to send me your genealogical lineage if you would like me to post it here.  However, the birth dates of the living generation and up to 100 years will not be published in this website or anywhere in the Internet for privacy reasons.  But if you wish, you may send me all of the complete genealogical data that will be stored in my private archives.  My goal is to compile all of the genealogy and preserve the records with a later copy record to the Family History Library in Salt Lake City, Utah USA to preserve for our posterity.

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Eric F. Spanbauer of Woodbridge, Virginia USA: My family history trail begins with Adelbert Spannbauer in Wallern, Austria in 1670, in Bohmisich-Rohren, Austria in the early 1700's, in Schonberg in the early 1800's, all in the Bohemian Forest (now the Czech Republic), then to Hungary (now Croatia) in 1882 and finally, to America since 1907 to now.  

Spannbauer & Spanbauer families in Europe and North America: This is my side and perhaps we may have a connection.
  • Wenzel Spannbauer (1820-1896) & Katarina Krieg (1811-1892) in Schönberg, Austria (Krasna Hora,Czech Republic) and children/kinder: Johann; Franz; Alexander; Karl; Josef; Anton. 
    • Lineage of Wenzel (William or "Bill") Spannbauer of Troanj, Croatia & Katherine Hartmann in Pleasant Hills, Missouri USA and children/kinder: Joseph (Joe), Frank, Harry, Mary, Lillian.
    • Lineage of Eric F. Spanbauer of Woodbridge, Virginia USA (Schlager, Muller, Krieg...on the Spannbauer side)
    • Lineage of Wenzel Spannbauer & Elizabeth Kripl of Troanj, Croatia, later Taber, Alberta CANADA and children/kinder: Frank (Franjo), Liz (Elizabeth) and Mary.
Other associated families in Europe and North America:
  • Johann Kindermann & Justine Schienderhansel in Wallern, Austria (Volary, Czech Republic)  (children/kinder: Josef Franz; ......................Franz Josef) in Wallern, Austria (Volary,Czech Republic).
    • Lineage of Franz Josef Kindermann (Wallern, Austria) & Hermina Hanel (Dresden, Germany) in Kutina, Hungary (Croatia).
    • Lineage of Eric F. Spanbauer of Woodbridge, Virginia USA (Hanel; Schienderhansel, Weigel on the Kindermann side)
    • Lineage of Kenneth Kinderman of Chilicothe, Ohio USA

See a PowerPoint Presentation of my family history click here (expected to be released June 2010)

Robert L. Spannbauer of Akron, Ohio USA: Note: Eric F. Spanbauer and Robert Spannbauer are sixth cousins descended from a Mathias Spannbauer (circa 1720).
  • Lineage of Robert L. Spannbauer of Akron, Ohio USA. (other connections: Sinzig; Peters; Baier; Kobl; Hopfinger; Panerova; Dreplova; Hauser; Paner...)  

  • Spanbauers, Oshkosh, Wisconsin, USA (not available yet).  It is likely the earliest ancestor came from Bohmisich-Rohren, Austria (Cesky-Zelby, Czech Republic).