Exec Committee

Executive Committee for 2015-16

President         Mr Jayantibhai D Mistry
Vice President    Mrs Hansaben S Mistry
Secretary            Mr Jayantibhai J Mistry
Assistant Secretary      Mr Harishbhai P Mistry
Treasurer    Mr Hasmukhbhai B Mistry
Mahila Activities            Mrs Kalaben D Mistry
Social/Education/Health Mr Anand Lad
Religious Activities Mrs Naynaben Mistry
Youth/Sports Activities
Facilities Mr Nileshbhai D Mistry
Governance                 Mr Jitubhai C Mistry


President's Message

Jay D Mistry – Opening Speech SPA Leicester Navratri 2016

Jai Shree Krishna to all and I hope you are all having a wonderful time.

I would like to welcome everyone to this year’s Navratri celebrations and hope that you will enjoy this very popular annual event. All our volunteers have worked hard to ensure everything run smoothly for you all. If we have made mistakes, then I ask for your forgiveness.

Looking at the attendance here today, I think we should change this event to the AGM. What do you say; we can get a lot of decisions made!

Now for the main part of my message, before I start I just want to say that it is serious subject that I wish to cover and I apologise in advance if anyone finds it harsh.

I have a question for you?

Do you know what happens to our building and all its assets if we are not here tomorrow?

Let me tell you, if we cease to operate as SPAL tomorrow, the building and all its assets get transferred to another charity with similar aims and objectives as SPAL, this could be SPA UK, however this is decided by charity commission and they could decide that another charity fits this category.

We would lose all control, would you want that to happen? Would you want all the hard work done by our elders simply be given away to someone else?

So today I am directing my talk to our members that includes all who are under 55 years of age.

Did you know that majority of the volunteers you see around the hall today have been helping here since they were in their teens to protect and serve our community. They do this for the benefit to the community and self satisfaction.

For many of our older generation, the children have grown up, left home and live further away from home that they don’t get chance to see their children or grandchildren and in some cases, there is no one to take them anywhere to visit relatives or friends. There are also members who for whatever reason are on their own, are lonely with no one to visit them on a regular basis.

For these members, the samaj fills that gap, it also gives them the chance to meet friends and relatives and serve samaj at the same time. Think about it, if we did not have these kinds of events in our " SPA home" like this what kind of life will it be for our elders.

Now coming back to you, if you don’t put the effort in to preserve our legacy created by the past and present volunteers, what will your life be like when your children have left home. You may think it will never happen to you – can you really answer that?

So let me ask you this question, do you think that the samaj meets the requirements that I spelled out earlier?

We celebrated 40 years last year – at this rate do you think we can keep the legacy going for another 40 years?

This is everyone’s Samaj, and together everyone can achieve more. I have heard many times "What is Samaj doing for me or done for me?".

The answer to that is – absolutely nothing, if you stay at home and don’t participate. You get out what you put in.

I have heard so many times, " oh I am too busy – I haven’t got the time". Really?

We are asking 2-4 hours per month. You see, if you want to find an excuse for not wanting to do something – you will find it. So here’s some maths you can do in your own time, we all have 168 hours per week. For every activity, subtract the time you put in for the week (I can guarantee you that you will have at least 7-10hours per week that you cannot account for that is at least 28 hours in a month.

If we all help out – those 2-4 hours can be reduced to 1-2 hours.

So I am asking for your help to continue our legacy and invite you to make contribution with fresh ideas to make our samaj bigger and better than what it is today.

We are still the envy of many communities and I’d like that to continue.

Going forward, there are 11 of us on the board of trustees, I like to extend our team of 11 trustees with each trustee having a team of 3 to spread the workload, learn from each other and be willing to stand up to take the lead.

During this Navratri, we will be approaching you to join our team to train with a view to taking over in the future. We hope you will take this opportunity and join us to help build a fantastic Shree Prajapati Association Leicester.

What would be more appropriate is that you take the initiative to approach us directly to fill the team slot before we approach you and before the end of Navratri.

This is a very serious situation – please don’t wait for someone else

In closing, I’d like you to think about what I have said, what will you be doing when you reach your parents age?

Every one of us here should have it in their heart to ensure that we as Prajapati must work towards continuation of the legacy left by our elders for Shree Prjapati Association Leicester.

Thank you listening – have a fantastic Navratri