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Lent 5

11.00 am Sung Eucharist

Service                            Merbecke

Entry                                122             The Royal banners

Gradual                           110              Jesu grant me this I pray

Offertory                        108                Glory be to Jesus

Communion Anthem       72                O Saviour of the world

Communion Hymn          120              O sacred head

Post Communion            95                Forty days and forty nights


6.30 pm Choral Evensong

Entry                              582              Take up thy cross

Introit                             10                Call to remembrance   (Farrant)

Responses                      Ebdon

Psalm                             67                Chant 166

Office Hymn                  600            Thou art the way            

Canticles                               Noble in B Minor

Anthem                         God so loved the world            Stainer

Hymn                             108                Glory be to Jesus

Hymn                             112  (omit v 4 & 6)  My song is love unknown