WPCU service

Rev Jennie Park encouraged the wider Church in her address at the service to mark the start of the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity at St Norbert's.

Noting how we talk of valleys in our life walk - along with mountain top experiences and both short journeys and long - when we look back we recognise the welcome assurance, perhaps, of the touch of a hand to help us through.

Referring to the reading on the two walking to Emmaus and talking about the possibility that Jesus was alive, the realisation that, on our own life journeys, sometimes we may be kept from recognising that Jesus is there alongside us. Even if all the facts are there, we don't recognise him.

Does a fire burn within us when we look back and realise how close Jesus was to us and we to him? It is down to ourselves to testify to that day when our hearts were gently warmed by the Lord Jesus, because, today, we are his witnesses.

The service followed the CTBI pattern for 2010 and included an extended time of sharing the Peace and blessing by all nine of the local ministers together.