Lent 2012

During the season of Lent, many take time in devotion to prayer, study and to take on aspects of the Christian faith such as the last words spoken by Jesus from the cross. All are welcome to these services and events.

Churches Together groups also organise Lectures; Spalding & District are presenting 'Seven Words from the Cross' with Rev Steve Weatherly-Barton at Spalding Baptist church, PE11 1BT. Followed by refreshments; all welcome. Poster available at the foot of this page; each talk is also available as a download, courtesy the excellent AV team at Spalding Baptist.Monday 5 March: 'The outstretched arms of mercy'

Monday 12 March: 'The beating heart of love'

Monday 19 March: 'The journey into darkness'

Monday 26 March: 'Light at the tunnel's end'

The theme prepared by the South Holland Methodist Circuit ministry team is 'Reflections for the Way':

22 February, Ash Wednesday: 'When you pray...', Matthew 6.1-21 Sunday 27 February: 'Milestones in Jesus' journey', Mark 1.9-15Sunday 4 March: 'The Christian life is often hard', Mark 8.31-38

Sunday 11 March: 'Looking closely at our own actions', John 2.13-22

Sunday 18 March: 'Giving sacrificially without reservation', John 12.1-8

Passion Sunday 25 March: 'Rejection by his own people', John 12.20-37

Palm Sunday 1 April: 'Honoured through emptying oneself', Mark 11.1-11, Mark 14 & 15, Isaiah 50.4-9a & Philippians 2.5-11

Maundy Thursday 5 April: 'Following the example of Jesus', John 13.1-17 & 31b-35

Good Friday 6 April: 'Depressed, distressed or at rest?' John 18.1 - 19.42

Easter Day 8 April: 'The end or the beginning?', Mark 16