After serving the area since 2004 offering emergency beds for young people who have found themselves homeless, Nightstop South Holland has closed its many doors from 20 November 2013, following changes in local authority service provision around the time of the retirement of Brian Sapsford as chairman/treasurer. The team have offered thanks to everyone for their support over the years.

Nightstop was originally set up recognising the crisis point at which a teenager finds themselves on the street typically occurs at 4pm on a Friday, for whatever reason - falling out with their family or a disagreement, some form of abuse or trying to live independently and be unable to pay the rent or they're evicted. Whatever the reason, young people ask for help.

From 2004 - 2013, South Holland District Council, social services, the Job Centre or others often referred them to Nightstop. A total of 87 young people aged 16-25 were helped with 214 nights' accommodation taken up, free of charge with an evening meal and breakfast and an emergency bag of toiletries and clothing.

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