Founded in 1998 by Sergio Bellotti and Tino D'Agostino,Spajazzy is a musical project where labels find no meaning. What about if John Coltrane grew up in Naples or Andrea Bocelli lived in Washington D.C.? A great song starts with a beautiful melody. Whether an original or a rendition of a classic we strive to make sure the melody remains the center of what carries the rhythm, the harmony and all the colors in between these elements.Come to a show ,or buy one of our titles ,to hear what a funk groove sounds like over a Neapolitan classic by Toto' or Edoardo De Crescenzo. Or simply kick back and enjoy some originals where our musical heritage meets the Us jazzy sound we grew up to since the mid 90's. 
Sergio Bellotti and Tino D'Agostino
Latest News:

Aug 2013:
New Single Mr. D is now available on CdBaby Itunes Amazon

Spajazzy Master Class / How to Improvise at Berklee College July 18th 2013

Spajazzy performed at the 2013 " Festa Della Repubblica" in NY- Photos

Spajazzy's upcoming CD " Al Dente " will feature Mike Stern on Guitar, Steve Hunt on keys, Bil Vint on Saxes and few more artists. Stay Tuned for Details

Spajazzy (feat. poly instrumentalist Mark Greel) will perform and teach Jazz Improv Master Classes at the annual Musica Vesuviana Festival 2013

Spajazzy will perform and teach Master classes at the Conservatorio Della Svizzera Italiana Feb 16-21 2013.

Spajazzy performed at the Beantown Jazz Festival- click here for details

Spajazzy performed at Bari In Jazz festival on June 25th (other artist include Ivan Lins, Miroslav Vitous and Avishai Cohen among others) details here 
Pictures by Carmine Picardi here

Spajazzy performed the Jazz Week East 2010

Spajazzy performed at Italy Music Show as part of the May 2010 tour feat. Mark Nomad on guitar.

-Spajazzy's Music is now available at the Stan Getz Music Library in Boston Ma.
-We are recording the new Cd " Al Dente " at the Kitchen Studio with Producer/Keyboard Guru Steve Hunt.

-Leaders Bellotti and D'Agostino have been teaching and performing at the Conservatorio Della Svizzera Italiana since 2010.
-First Cd featuring Mike Stern on Guitar.
-JazzTimes review by Bill Milkowsky 5 stars.
- Performances at 55 Ny,Ryles Boston,Berklee Performance Center,Montreal Drum Festival, Giffoni Film Festival (Italy) and 6 european tours to date.
-Arrangements Music are available at the Stan Getz Music Library in Boston Ma.