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Space UFOs: Evidence and Proof of UFOs, Aliens, ETs, Space, and the Universe.


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Welcome to the Space UFOs website. Our teams from the "FREE UFO VIDEOS" networks have created this "SPACE UFOS" page as an important latest UFO news updates page. Space UFOs has the best UFO website links. Listed above. Yes including The Disclosure Project, Aliens UFOs Proof Evidence Research Facts Files at Google Groups, Project Camelot, and other excellent UFO sites. Also this Space UFOs site hosts our best UFO files and best UFO videos. Including the free video called... 2_ET_Yes_or_No.avi ... that contains the "Do You Wish That We Show Up" message. After 20 years of reading all the UFO books including books from UFO research author Mr Timothy Good, and after 10 years of studying all the best UFO information on the internet, and seeing most all UFO documentaries ... we can say "intelligent extraterrestrials are real". You just have to view many images from ... ... and study all of our UFO links above at the "Best UFO Websites and UFO Links in the World" section. Then you should realize that we are not alone in the universe. We humans just got out of Viking boats and Pirate boats. And these days we now have compassion for ecology, animals, plants, with desire for peace, culture, education, and happiness. So imagine how wise and caring most advanced intelligent extraterrestrials would be. Most of the hundreds or thousands of different species of aliens would be advanced with wisdom and respect also. Anyway, you only know what you have studied. If you spent most of your life watching football, soccer, rugby, etc, you may not have studied all the information here ... ..... and here ... ..... We wish you a wonderful future. Please try to be more caring and honest and kind to your fellow humans and planet Earth. And feel free to join in our UFO message chat. There is a little green arrow refresh button near the pretty womans face. Sometimes people chat live, or sometimes people see your message a few minutes later. UFO message chat 24/7 .....

 Space UFOs : Evidence and Proof of UFOs, Aliens, ETs, Space, and the Universe.