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Things I've done that mattered: Where have I taken a stand?

For Planet Earth and the Clan of Life
- Advancing Planetary Defense: I organized the first ever whole-of-government tabletop disaster-response exercise to avert a preventable asteroid strike that could damage the biosphere
- I created a meme of a "Billion Year Plan" to raise consciousness about inter-generational goals to help ensure life survives the lifespan of planet Earth.

For Humanity
- Space-Based Solar Power: I organized the study and wrote the report for the Pentagon's Space Solar Power Study Group about a source of energy that could solve our energy problems and green the Earth

For America
- I participated in important processes to give our nation foresight: NIC Future Trends, Project Horizon, the Project on Anticipatory Government
- I was part of the team that wrote the National Military Strategy (NMS)

For the Air Force
- I designed the system to support USAF long-term strategic planning:  Blue Horizons, the Air Force Strategic Environmental Assessment (AFSEA)
- I provided essential vision for the USAF to move forward in its strategies on Learning, Energy, Unmanned Aerial Systems, Precision Airdrop