Space Top is a bizarre spinning top playable at any directions.
                                                                                For adjusting space top, go to video#5 at bottom of this page. 

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Video #6 : top playing game

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Video #1 : 
What is a space top? 
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Video #2 :
Big magic with small magnet. 

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Video #3 : 
Upside down playing. 

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Video #4 : 
science behind spinning top. 

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Video #5: 
adjusting space top for easy playing. 

Space top is a spinning top able to break the known law of physics.

Space top is a spinning top looks like something in fantasy or science fiction.

Space top looks like a hoax, but it is  impossible to be impossible by now.

Space top is here to reveal a novel law in fundamental physics.

Space top is here to correct a historical  science flaw or mistake. 

Space top is waiting for an explanation from known laws of physics.  

Space top  reveals a missing link in physics. Nobody is able to explain the space top due to the missing in the knowledge. 

Space top is here to terminate the job of angular momentum in spinning top physics, or space top is the killer of  angular momentum. 

Spinning tops use an intelligent method to fight against the gravity rather than angular momentum. 

Spinning tops have their own unique physics law, which have been camouflaged  behind gyroscope physics  since the beginning of our science.

Spinning tops could be tricked with a magnetic force, which make the top thinks working with a gravity force. 

Spinning tops has an intelligent law of physics, the first of its kind in our science history. 

Angular momentum is the master for gyroscope, but it is a lie or liar for the physics of spinning top. 

Due to limited resources, the Space Top site are not near the completion yet, so editing the pages or adding more material  always occur from time to time.