Royal Military College of Canada

Space Science Research

Welcome to the Centre for Space Research at RMC. The mission is to create an environment to promote active space research programs and thereby provide support for Space Science and other space-related degree programs and activities.

The Physics department at the Royal Military College of Canada offers BSc, MSc and PhD programs with specialization in Space Science. 

At RMC, students study theoretical, experimental and observational aspects of Space Science. This includes but is not limited to space mission analysis, mission and payload design, remote sensing, satellite tracking, ionospheric physics and space weather, and       astronomy and astrophysics.

Additionally,  RMC pursues research in the field of Space Science, including space surveillance and satellite tracking, astronomy and astrophysics, ionospheric physics and space weather, and payload  and mission design for Nanosatellites.

The Department is home to seven faculty specializing in Space Science:

Dr. Joseph Buckley (radar backscatter, Radarsat I & II),

Lt. Cdr. Doug Burrell (surveillance of space using small optical telescopes),

Capt. Aralt Mac Giolla Chainnigh (theoretical radio astrophysics),

Dr. Jean- Marc Noel (ionospheric physics and space weather),

Dr. Thomas Racey (satellite tracking using small optical telescopes),

Dr. Kristine Spekkens (galaxy dynamics and evolution) and

Dr. Gregg Wade (optical stellar astrophysics, stellar activity and magnetism).