Adam Griswold as Vek Tempus

Hannah Heckman-McKenna as Lady Gravatox

Aurora Grabill as Jane

Michael Reardon as Tom

Rebecca Howland as Mara

Sabrina Cuffie as Beatrix

Jonathan Neves as Wallando

Collin Snider as IPAL

Christa Moore as Princess Altima

Ian Gatheca as Snoytch

Mike Weiner as Agent Kilroy

Marco Salerno as Agent Muntz

Demitra Papadinis as Dr. Nielsen

Mary Higgins as President Smoot

R.W. Martin as Cosmic Ray

Randy Veraguas as Agent Orange

David Kelly as Commander Zebulon

Allison Matteodo as the Tour Guide/Drinexia Laru

featuring Alyssa Winn, Kathleen Mandelik, and Pip


Christopher Watt as Cordac Zydeco

Mike Goodreau as Julius Brentwhistle

Rivengurl Hart as Waitressbot/Captured Alien

Sarah Bird as Nursebot/Space Squad Member

Abner Valdes as Outpost Worker/Space Squad Member

featuring Billy Crowley Kathleen Crowley, Jason Cunningham, and Ted Siok

written, directed, and produced by Adam Griswold
camera operators: Adam Griswold, Shawn Allen, Rebecca Howland, Rivengurl Hart, R.W. Martin, Michael Reardon, Hannah Heckman-McKenna, Sabrina Cuffie, and Ian Gatheca
editing and special effects: Adam Griswold
Lady Gravatox stylist/makeup: Rivengurl Hart