Name Position Department Contact
 Troy Skinner Faculty Advisor MAE
 Dr. Gerald Karr Senior Faculty Advisor MAE
 Dr. John Gregory  ASGC / Chemistry
 Lance Warden Research Advisor Research
 Jason Winningham Communications Advisor ECE
 Dennis Hite Communications Advisor ECE
 Steve Collins Manufacturing MAE

Former team members can be found here:  Retired Members

Active Members
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Blake Parker CubeSat RF model fabrication and testing Communications MAE 
Caleb Lindsey CubeSat Testing solar cell deployment Solar Power MAE 
Danny Smith CubeSat RF modeling for optimized communication Communications MAE 
Dean Gillmore CubeSat Helmholtz Coil Testing MAE  
Eric Becnel CubeSat Running the club, designing the CubeSat structure, Thermal modeling and testing SHC President and Thermal MAE 
Gavin Smith CubeSat Getting the microprocessor talking to the sensors. Getting the datalogger running for the neutron detector  CMDH CPE 
Glenn Scott Nesbitt II CubeSat Helmholtz coil designer for supporting electronics  EE 
Hai Dinh CubeSat Getting the radios talking Communications EE 
Jennifer Hunt BalloonSat Leading BalloonSat flights and outreach  MAE 
John Alcorn CanSat CanSat Team Leader Management MAE 
Justin Riegel CubeSat Building command and control ground station Ground Station CS 
Mallikarjun Avula CanSat Programmer Carrier CPE 
Mark Becnel Club Member Integration of all components Systems Engineer MAE 
Mason Manning BalloonSat Payload programming Payloads CPE/OPE 
Matt Rodencal CubeSat Building and testing the EPS, building the Neutron detector instrument Electrical Power System EE 
Max Collins BalloonSat testing and development of the neutron detector  Physics 
Nathan Newcomb CubeSat Master of Programming CDH CPE 
Phillip Pemberton CubeSat Component selection and software library testing CMDH CPE 
Sarah Rogers CubeSat Attitude Modeling ADCS MAE 
Stewart King CanSat Designing the hardware structure for CanSat Structure design MAE 
Tetsuya Toyama CanSat Designing the CanSat PCB CMDH EE 
Showing 21 items