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Public Outreach

We are willing to work on outreach projects with middle and high schools.  This can be started by e-mailing Jennifer Hunt.

Current Events

Past Events
SHC worked with an 8th grade class at Liberty Middle School to build BalloonSat payloads.  This experience was to get the participant's hands involved with building actual science experiments.  Headlining local newspapers, this opportunity was extended to 30 students and witnessed by over 700 students.

Online Chat Server
  • SHC invited a 7th grade student to develop a Chat Sever for the participants of the BalloonSat Outreach to communicate with the communication lab on the UAH campus.  The system is ready for its first use this Spring.  SHC really appreciates the help! 

Liberty Middle School Science Fair
  • SHC members helped judge the LMS science fair projects.

Earth Day Flight 2010
  • The flight was a demonstration of how a weather balloon gets launched and had simple data feedback for the audience.  
Sparkman Middle School outreach flight
  • look at and search for "Floating ideas about science" on Nov 30, 2009
  • Post flight report