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The communications subsystem consists of both the radios and communication protocol along with the antenna design and testing.
Antenna Design
The radio being considered is a 70cm band, 1Watt, FSK-2 modulation radio.  This radio is based on the TI cc1100 chip.  We are trying to get it to talk currently.

Antenna Design
The CubeSat has several options for antenna placement.  The SHC CubeSat is being designed with two antennas, one for initial communications with an omni direction gain pattern for a tumbling satellite and a second direction antenna for the passively stabilized satellite. 

Here are some sample models for the gain patterns of the antenna possibilities.  These are a work in progress by Danny Smith.
Amateur antenna modeling software was used for these models.

Dipole offset to one side, undeployed CubeSat

Dipole centered, deployed CubeSat

Monopole, CubeSat deployed