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What is CubeSat?

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A CubeSat is a fully operational orbital pico-satellite.  It is student build and may perform an experiment.  The team needs to be an interdisciplinary engineering group specializing in all needed fields from communications to structures.

Where are we?

We are in the beginning stages of our CubeSat program.  We are considering different experiments to fly.  Also, we are setting up a compatible ground station for communications with our CubeSat and other SHC payloads.  The team is sectioned to 4 main groups for training.  SHC is practicing for the satellite by building BalloonSat payloads will many of the similar sub systems.

Main groups
  • Electrical circuit design
  • Mechanical design and testing
  • Microprocessor programming
  • Ground Station programming and communications

We have preliminary designs for the most sub-systems.  These designs will be finalized after a final experiment has been selected.  
See the sub-system tabs on the left menu bar for details on individual projects.