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What is BalloonSat?

Today's balloon flight will be transmitting on 435.75 using the FSK modulation at 9600 baud.

  • Conceptualize payloads for high altitude balloon flights.
  • Design  payloads to mission specifications.
  • Launch payloads via sounding  balloon .
  • Track the balloon’s flight path.
  • Recover equipment for processing data.
Earth Day Image by visitor

Future & Current Payloads
  • Neutron Detector
  • CubeSat radios
  • Outreach to local middle schools and high schools

Where is the launch site?

Launches are typically behind the NSSTC just West of campus.  Please check the launch notice found below or e-mail us for final launch location.  
We also launch from other locations based on the current experiments, weather, and other factors.  

NSSTC Launch Location

Past Flights



Date and Launch Notice

 Description and Follow-up report


 SHC BalloonSat Flight 14

 August, 2011

 Neutron Detector Flight, NSSTC


 SHC BalloonSat Flight 13

 April 13th, 2011

 Liberty Middle School outreach flight


 SHC Moored Balloon test

 March 18th, 2011

 CanSat decent control tests


 SHC BalloonSat Flight 012  

 April 17th, 2010

 Earth Day Flight


 900MHz XTend Radio Test

 April 10th, 2010

 Experiment Report


 SHC BalloonSat Flight 011

 March 27th, 2010

 Nursing Dosimeter flight


 SHC BalloonSat Flight 010

 Nov 21, 2009

 Tracker test flight


 SHC BalloonSat Flight 009

 Nov 6, 2009

 Sparkman Middle School outreach flight

 SHC BalloonSat Flight 008

 Oct 3, 2009

 ATV Transmitter test flight for live video


 SHC BalloonSat Flight 007 

 Mar 10, 2009

 Space Hardware Club/Nursing Dept/Biology Dept flight


 SHC BalloonSat Flight 006

 October 25, 2008

 Balloon temp/pressure / New egg shell transmitters / Space Billboard flight 3 /  and Boy Scout ATV outreach


 SHC BalloonSat Flight 005


 Space Billboard flight 2


 SHC BalloonSat Flight 004

 October 27, 2007

 Space Billboard flight 1


 SHC BalloonSat Flight 003

 May 3, 2007

 Heat Pipe experiment


 SHC BalloonSat Flight 002

 January 20, 2007

 Panoramic cameras 


 SHC BalloonSat Flight 001

 April 2, 2006

 Film cameras and enviromental