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Current Projects


BalloonSat is a high altitude weather balloon experiment platform. 
Using a sounding balloon, the payload up to 12 lbs floats to about 100,000 ft, giving the experiments a wide range of atmospheric conditions. 
This student project involves the design, fabrication, and operation of the entire balloon payload including telemetry transmitters and a variety of experiments. 

CubeSat is a 10x10x10cm cubic “real” satellite that is launched onto Earth’s orbit as a piggyback satellite.
UAHuntsville’s CubeSat Program is at an early stage.
The club is making a plan of building CubeSat bus system which is able to host different types of scientific payload.
UAHuntsville Satellite Tracking Station

Satellite Tracking Party


CanSat Project is a simulation of a real satellite mission. 
A typical satellite and a cansat have similar components such as power supply, sensors, attitude determination and control, structure, communication and scientific/engineering payload. 
Missions of UAHuntsville’s CanSat in AIAA CanSat Competition 2008 are to survive severe vibration of launch, to transmit flight data to a ground station, and to be right up itself after launch. 
Even though parachutes were not fully deployed, the CanSat perfected all missions and the team finished the competition with the 2nd place.
This year, our team will pursue more challenging missions such as autonomous flight control.

Past Projects


The High Altitude Student Platform (HASP) is designed to carryup to twelve student payloads to an altitude of about 36 kilometers with flight durations of 15 to 20 hours using a small volume, zero pressure balloon.

The purpose of the University of Alabama in Huntsville (UAH) HASP infrared project is to gain a better understanding of the thermal effects that a high-altitude balloon experiences during flight.  These thermal effects directly effect the flight duration, altitude changes and ballast requirements. Successful acquisition of the thermal data could help improve future balloon endeavors and possibly span other applications.

Past Launches, Events & Workshops

 Year  Project Date
 2009 SHC BalloonSat Flight 010 Nov 21st
  SHC BalloonSat Flight 009 Nov 6th
  SHC BalloonSat Flight 008
 Oct 3rd

 Satellite Tracking Party
 Sept. 25
   AIAA/AAS Cansat Competition 2009
 June 12-14
   SHC & Biology BalloonSat Flight 007 
   SHC & CRW, Rocket Launch 001
 February 15
 2008  SHC BalloonSat Flight 006  October 25
   Wernher von Braun Memorial Symposium  October 21-22
   SHC Certification Launch at Birmingham  October 18
   USLI Workshop  October 10-11
   HASP 2008  Summer/Fall
   AIAA/AAS CanSat Competition 2008  June 13-14
   SHC BalloonSat Flight 005  
 2007  SHC BalloonSat Flight 004  October 27
   HASP 2007  Summer/Fall
   SHC BalloonSat Flight 003  May 3
   SHC BalloonSat Flight 002  January 20
 2006  HASP 2006  Summer/Fall
   Cluster Balloon Event  May 27-28
   SHC BalloonSat Flight 001  April 2
 2005  DSTB (Deep Space Test Bed)  June