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Available Positions

The Space Hardware Club is actively recruiting in all fields.  Every UAH student is welcome to join from any major, and no experience is needed to join.  You can learn everything within the club!

Below is a list of positions SHC could use help in.
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Available PositionsDescriptionFeild
Testing Engineer Design and perform flight hardware testing for CubeSat, BalloonSat and CanSat Engineering 
Business Management Personnel and project manager Business 
PCB designer Design custom circuit boards for testing and flight Electrical 
Secretary  Record and log meeting minutes  
Procurement and Inventory Handle the hardware purchases and inventory control  
Circuit designer Design subsystem circuits for flight hardware and testing Electrical 
Microprocessor Programming AVR, Arduino, ARM microcontroller programming to communicate with sensors and perform different operations Computer Engineering 
Communications protocol Ham radio (APRS) communications specialist including packet format design and implementation Engineering 
Experiment designer take an experiment and manage its existance through completion. Needs to be confident in determining system problems and integration issues between subsystems. Engineering or Science 
Sensor specialist To determine, select, test, and verify sensors for various applications such as gyros, GPS, magnetometer, voltage, etc. Must be willing to understand and implement signal filtering techniques and error analysis. Must work with programmers for implementation. Engineering 
Other Everyone is welcome to join and bring their knowledge with them  
Photographer Space and near space photographer. Needs to understand camera configuration settings and willing to learn/design lenses  
Showing 12 items