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Ground Station

For live Flight tracking from our ground station, please visit:                
Objectives & Capabilities

Currently our ground station is capable of satellite and BalloonSat tracking.  Using Ham radios, we typically use a 2 meter or 70 cm antenna for communications.  A new, 900MHz XTend radio system is being added to our array of antennas. 
We have developed our own tracking software for BalloonSat missions.  We are capable of 2-way communications with payloads for telemetry, ATV video, and other experiments.  Real time integration of Satellite Tool Kit is being added to prepare for CubeSat.

Where is it?

Our ground station is located in the Engineering Building on the UAH campus.


SHC Comm Lab

Equipments & Specification

Coming soon!
We are currently updating our ground station hardware

Records of Operation

Can be found at: