Space Explorers Academy is  a program under development to provide extended learning experiences for young people. 

It covers a broad spectrum of the National Curriculum with opportunities for students to, not only take their learning beyond the classroom, but also develop skills in teamwork, leadership, tool use within a stimulating and imaginative environment.

Space Explorers Academy is the brainchild of physicist and hands-on science course developer John Winder. John has been working with schools and institutions since 2002 teaching everything from full scale forensic investigations (complete with ballistics and blood spatter) to airship building.  

John is on the left having an academic discussion with fellow tutor Adrian Dening

The courses are based around advanced skills for students that link to not only taking scientific interests further but giving them the practical and reasoning skills to create projects of their own devising.  These skills are often not taught in great depth at school but for a key part of further learning and industry wide employment. Not to mention the satisfaction of being able to take and idea and actually make it happen. 
As an example, it was pointed out gleefully  by an 8 year old student after a course that it was the same type of project that her 17 year old brother was currently doing at school.

Course Ethos
To provide young people the opportunity to build skills in their areas of interest to bring their ideas from imagination to life. 
To encourage creative scientific problem solving and to never fear failure in any project, but to use it as a learning experience.

The technology used is fairly close too cutting edge but to make the skills accessible to all the courses show how to work with this using real hands on skills. After all how many people get to use a laser cutter at school but can never afford one for themselves. Where possible the courses show how to work with affordable technology and modify older equipment to do their bidding.

Almost all of the software has be chosen or modified to run on open source platforms. You will never need to buy updates to the software used and in many cases it has been chosen to run on even the most rudimentary systems.  
In other cases portable applications are provided to run without installing or changing your computers registry.