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Well done on a safe landing on our latest news page!

What a busy year 2013 has turned out to be, the new courses on programming, Laser Tag, biology and physics have been flying out the what's new

The Mad-Lab has been revamped!
With kind donations to the 'it must be recycled' cause, the Mad-Lab now sports a new network of 12 dual boot linux/windows pcs, 12 Raspberry Pi bases and shiny stainless workbenches rubberised floor and of course PERSI the environmental ROV. 
Friends of Boris will be pleased to know that she is still decimating the fly population and living in the now vast web.

Games wizard/Game Maker
File:C2 underwater 1.png

Start  your career as a computer game programmer and get a great introduction to the world of 3d games design in this enthralling course. Discover game design theory, simple coding, hacking and modifying code and a brief introduction to working with 3d meshes.

screenshot: Johannes Schneider

Raspberry Pi, Python and Linux courses
With the new government strategy of teaching coding from primary school (we are already doing it), why not take a leap ahead. With the new selection of courses to take students beyond the curriculum with the Raspberry Pi and Linux course to get used to not only  the RPi but any Linux system they choose. Maybe you want to geek it up by sprinting ahead with python programming courses and workshops.

Summer Science with Ground Zero
Two teams, 4 challenges, one day.........would you survive the mission?
Stranded on an alien planet the teams had to solve missions for the engineering, communications, biology and defense departments to earn enough credits to escape the planets surface....... and all while they battled it out with the laser tag scoring system.   What will 2014 bring? wait and see in Ground Zero - Colony

ground zero 13

Final board revision for Seal Tag

Yes, they are nearly ready. The laser tag all in one board is being manufactured as we speak for the programming kits for schools. Now with full audio capability and sockets to convert these ingenious little devices to data loggers.

In addition to the prototype taggers built in January, the teaching armory now sports 36 units including 24 Arduino taggers and 12 multipurpose tagger base units ready to invade schools with education! 

SEA is also in discussions to find venues for SEAL Tag

Fit For Space gets a new ECG
Last week Space explorers Academy received a Nihon Kohden 10 lead thermal printer ECG to allow accurate monitoring of students heart rates in the astronaut training program....Fit for Space.
A few modifications are in the pipeline including a self-fitting single chest belt for the intercostal leads (to do away with the fiddly sticky pads) and a data logger hook up, possibly bluetooth.

Students at Kilve Court
New courses for younger students
After taking over the Maths and Science Challenges at Kilve Court, Space Explorers Academy has revamped them to provide a real challenge.

Senior Tutor John Winder  hits the news again ....... and again

As an advisor for educational institutions, Museums, film and TV, John has had an interesting year. Not only blowing things up in the Mad-Lab for the award nominated  documentary on Percy Smith, Edwardian film maker, He has been destroying Da Vinci's tank on Dick and Dom's Absolute Genius and travelling to Gibraltar to head up the building of an 18th century Press to celebrate the Tricententenery.

MAGE - Novice Edition released

MAGE is a new version of platinum arts sandbox for UK based National Curriculum education. Going further than the original schools edition we have edited out all references to weapons but replaced them with magic abilities......right down to the source code.   This means that a new dimension is added to make programming decisions exciting and straight forward.  There are two versions..... Slim and Monster. Monster now contains all the textures and select models from Sauerbraten to provide instant resources for younger students.  Mac version to come soon as soon as we fathom out XCODE.