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Electronics and programming

Learning languages and skills is best from an early age, and it's not especially difficult to learn the basics and be a part of the latest modern technology and developments.  

These courses are ideal for those children who like to take  things apart to see how they work or to make other things that they want. They will even learn how to make their own devices from scratch. 

High level skills ranging from microprocessor programming to working with 3d games manufacture and animation are sure to excite and inspire.

Amongst the courses lies a little stroke of genius. 

We searched long and hard to find  projects that with one set of inexpensive equipment were infinitely customisable and exciting. Finally we settled on open source laser tag (S.E.A.L. Tag), after all I remember vividly playing laser tag when I was seven and that's a long time ago. 

There are many advantages of using this system.

  • All references to weapons, lives and ammunition have been removed making it closer to non electronic tag but a million times more exciting.
  • Modular construction.
  • Easy to use and adapt materials
  • Covers, optics, spectrums, programming, electronics skills, resistive materials and game design.
  • A simple programming language with a common structure to many others
  • Thrilling real world results that you can see and interact with.
  • Courses that work individually as well as providing a whole set of new skills.
  • Additional modules and kits available to take the learning further.
  • Additional on line workshops and tuition.
  • Full manual and teachers guide available.
  • Units available complete or in kit form.
  • Designs to suit every budget.
  • Events to for students to meet up and share designs and programs.

Games Master/Laser Warrior (Residential and also available as an experience day)

Ever wanted to go beyond commercial toys and games?

Develop your own with Games Master.

Games Master is the sister course to Games Technician and introduces the basic skills to developing live games and interactive electronics. The course covers and introduction to microprocessor coding, logic based rule systems design to interact with players. 

The games developed will be around our laser tag system (S.E.A.L. Tag) and be trialed in the real world. Games Master is a great introduction to the world of development of devices using the latest technology.


  • Thinking like a computer - planning a program
  • Through the rabbit hole- pulling apart code and making if do your bidding.
  • Game design and playability - designing games that are fun to play

Games master circuit skills (Day workshop)

A day workshop in the fundamentals of circuit design and production during which students will have the opportunity to develop key skills in circuit design and manufacture during which they will learn about the technology through the creation of their own amplifier for use both with the SEALTag(TM)  light games system and mp3 players, computers and similar devices.

The uses for these skill are endless in the modern world and are a key part of and scientists toolbox of skills.

  • Soldering
  • Component identification
  • Troubleshooting
  • Component tolerances
  • Soldering technique
  • Safety

Games Technician (Residential and two part day workshop)

Build your own laser tag system from scratch.

Taking electronics skills further Games Technician covers hacking and modding electronics, schematic design and pcb manufacture to create component parts for a programmable laser tag unit to take away and modify the hardware.

The course introduces each practical aspect of circuit design with easy to understand procedures and mathematics.

It is an ideal springboard to helping students bring their electronic inventions to life.

It is important that all students applying for this course are proficient in component identification, soldering and basic circuit mathematics. If you do not already know these skills then there are a number of residential courses and day workshops available. Either Games Master - Circuit Skills run by Space Explorers Academy or Bright Sparks run by Adrian Dening are great starting points.

  • The course covers the following practical skills
  • Pcb design software and prototyping
  • Cirucit board manufacture
  • Schematics and circuit diagrams
  • Working with I.C.s
  • Designing transducers and input circuits for digital microprocessors
  • Optics
  • Testing techniques

Games Wizard - Gifted and Talented (Leeson House)
Games Maker - Enrichment (Kilve Court)

These two fantastic courses are designed as a springboard into the world of 3D games production. Using the Latest game development engines the students will discover everything from game design theory, a little light programming in C++,  software hacking (in the traditional - not mass media sense), an introduction to meshes, 3D models, finding resources and working to an open source model. 

For any student looking towards a career in computer games you will discover a great insight to the production world while giving you some basic skills to start you off.

As every course is different, each student will set their own learning pace while working on a collaborative adventure game. 

And the best part is that all of the software is not only free but is supported on both Linux and Windows, with a special edit edition available at the end of the course with extra models and features. 

The 4th Dimension (Residential)

An advanced course for students looking towards a career in 3D Animation, Film Special effects and Game design and engineering. You will discover the industry standard skills of producing 3D meshes, skins, and motion capture animation processes.

Using industry standard software you will learn all the skills you need to work with CGI entities. However the skills that you will acquire are equally useful for computer aided design for engineering, 3D printing and much more.

The live motion capture element allows students to explore the latest in animation technology to bring their character to life.

Screenshot taken from Blender.

Raspberry Pi - beginners workshop

Got a Raspberry Pi? Need a kick start to get you going? Learn all the basics of setting up, running and experimenting on this short course. If you want to take the skills further then have a look at the courses below.

Import Antigravity / Import Time_Travel / Import World_Domination (Day workshops)

There are three levels of python programming on offer to help take you from newbie to pro in terms of software writing.

Why python? 
Python is an elegant and fairly straight forward language that has stood the test of time, in fact it has been so popular that comic strips have even been written about it. Many pieces of software have python at their core and it's flexibility makes it useful in scientific data processing and lots of other tasks like writing games.

Why the weird names?

they are better than beginner, intermediate and advanced... plus the first one is super geeky, especially with versions of Python 3 on-wards.

Junkyard Tech - (Day workshop)
Got an old PC or a box of parts? Kick it into life with a new OS and become the Victor Frankenstein of the computing world. 
Discover how to harness real control over technology with true open source Linux.
This course covers everything that you need from choosing distributions, working with live discs, command prompt magic and  bringing new life to old tech. Over the weekend the students will produce their own live OS to try at home as well as picking up valuable industry skills.