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It came from Planet X

Suppose life was discovered on another planet, what would it look like? how would it survive and which species would be top of the food chain? Our cadets will delve deep into the eco system and through meticulous studies in adaptations they discover in the world around them. using their notes, drawings and brains they will create an eco-system for a fictional planet before bringing it to life using computer simulations.

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Life processes and living things.

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Symbiotic systems


Data Collection

Scientific study

Fit for space

Have you got what it takes to survive the ravages of space? Can you perform under pressure?

Shuttle training Taurus13

  • Fit for space takes you through a cut down astronaut training program taking in all the aspects of fitness, nutrition, teamwork, physics and mathematics that you need to cope with the rigours of space.

  • Students will take part in activities and exercises developed by some of the world’s leading space organisations, discover how their bodies work and are affected by the environment.

  • They will also participate in Mission control and flight simulations developed by top scientists and aeronautical enthusiasts complete with software to take away for further studies both .

  • It will be fun, hard work, rewarding and with any luck the students will earn their wings.

  • Space Explorers Academy is a series of progressive NC linked courses that build upon one another to create a further learning environment for enthusiastic students outside school.

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Life processes and living things

Broader content

Adaptation and environment

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World explorer

To understand life on distant planets, you need to know what makes life on this one tick. World explorer is a series of twelve projects to experiment with the world around us and even make your very own..... literally. Share your results with your own secure weblog and participate in quizzes and online challenges to earn your coveted award.

Practical experiments include:

survival of species

Create a live eco system

Discover the effect of environment on living things