Many of the resources that are provided for the courses have been Produced under Creative Commons Non Commercial and By Attribution. 

However, images, text content and teaching materials and media are Copyright.  And no unauthorised reproduction of them is allowed.
Within the Space Explorers Academy online tuition section of the site all of the teaching materials such as worksheets, activity books and tutorial videos provided are subject to the usual copyrights. By application for authorised users a licence is provided for personal use only.  Each un-licensed instance detected will incur a minimum charge of £20,000 per copy  for the host site or institution involved.  By accessing the data you agree to these terms.

Personal use
You can use the resources for personal non commercial use as long as attribution is made with a link back to this website. Use of images depicting students or courses in action is forbidden.

Please contact Admin for details.

Schools and institutions wishing to use the teaching resources MUST register by contacting, and students work and learning should be shared online in the form of a webpage, weblog or other to promote expansion of ideas.  The online presentation should include a link back to this site and similarly a link will be placed on this site to encourage students in their studies. If this is not possible then the information may be compiled in a single word document for upload onto our student site. 

You are responsible for any  photographic releases and it is strongly recommended that student's faces and full names are not included in the document.

Instead of students names our standard  procedure is to issue a call sign consisting of a prefix designated by the admin team followed by a unique student identifier. 

Seal Tag
All seal tag information and designs are available for non  commercial use, (ie: you can't make and sell them or run a site using them) but you can make your own equipment). Attribution and links must be made back to this site.

 Seal Tag commercial
Licences available for commercial sites. Email your enquiry.

Schools and institutions wishing to participate in the program should apply through the contacts link.