WGA Validator Package
A technique to bypass WGA by changing the Windows XP VLK and looping back WGA Requests.


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The WGAValidator package is one of many versions of a technique to provide a single method for across the board validation of Windows XP Pro Corporate via the VLK and a WGA loopback. Download below:

WGAValidator Package: (download) This is a repackaged version of the Key Change & WGA Loopback technique. Included files are the Windows XP/2003 Keygen (windows xp keygen.exe), Magic Jelly Bean (keyfinder.exe), and my WGALoopback.exe instead of wga-fix.exe.

After running this routine, Microsoft will see your copy of XP Pro Corp. as Genuine and you will be able to run Windows Update and download "Validation Required" updates from microsoft.com.

Note: If you currently have the WGA Notifications update installed:  You will need to remove WGA Notifications first before continuing with the WGAValidator instructions. You can remove WGA Notifications here, (make sure to reboot) then come back to this page afterward. Below is what the WGA Notifications pop up looks like, although it has changed recently. In any case you will see the message below: (and the star shaped icon)

Technique to bypass WGA by changing the VLK and looping back WGA Requests:

Note: this is one of many versions of this technique which use the XP keygen and magic jelly bean keyfinder programs. I replaced wga-fix.exe with my own loopback creator (WGALoopback.exe) mainly because I didn't like wga-fix.exe.

This routine worked for me as of Jan 10, 2009.

1. Extract the zip and enter into the WGAValidator folder.

2. Run the Windows XP-2003 key generator utility. (Windows XP Keygen.exe).

3. In the key generator utility, under the Product Family, select “Windows XP Pro VLK”, and click the “Generate” button 3 or 4 times to generate a valid key for Windows XP (or use "Windows Server 2003 VLK" for Windows Server 2003).

Leave the keygen program open so we can enter the key in the next step.

At this point we hopefully have a VLK that has yet to be blocked or is unknown to Microsoft.

4. Execute Magic Jelly Bean Keyfinder (keyfinder.exe). You can use other Windows key changers if you have problems with keyfinder.exe.

5. Once launched, Magical Jelly Bean Keyfinder will display the existing Windows and Office product keys on your system. Select the “Microsoft Windows” tab (open by default), and then click on the Options menu, and then select “Change Windows Key”.

6. In the Change Microsoft Windows XP Key window, key in the product key or serial number generated earlier into the boxes. Make sure to double check it.

7. Click on Change button when done. You should see a message that the key was changed successfully.

8. Then exit keyfinder and keygen programs after key is changed.

9. Run the WGALoopback.exe program. Click on the Yes button to modify the hosts file to loopback WGA authorization and validation requests to loopback address ( Also I recommend letting the program remove any remaining WGA files.

(Alternatively, to manually change the hosts file , open Windows Explorer and navigate to \Windows\System32\drivers\etc\. Edit the Hosts file with notepad and add in the following entry to the end of the file: mpa.one.microsoft.com)

10. If you didn't remove WGA in the above step, make sure to manuall remove any cracked or patched LegitControlCheck.dll, WgaTray.exe and WgaLogon.dll files located in the \Windows\System32 folder. (Note: you may also need to remove the “Windows Genuine Advantage Validation Tool” located in the C:\Windows\Downloaded Program Files\ folder.)

11. Go to Windows (Microsoft) Updates or the Microsoft Download Center.

Install Windows Update (if not already installed) and the WGA Validation Tool when prompted. Continue to run Windows Update to get the list of available updates. 

You should validate as a "Genuine Copy of Windows" and see the list of available updates.

(note: the WGA Notifications update can be installed and it will see your system as "Genuine".  However, I prefer not to install it.)

Technically at this point you're done. You should be able to run Windows Update and download "Validation Required" updates from microsoft.com.

MGADiag.exe is provided as an alternate method of verification of successful VLK change and for troubleshooting (you don't have to run Windows Update to test your validation status.)

1. Run the Microsoft Microsoft Genuine Validation Diagnostic Tool (MGADiag.exe), and click on the Continue button to proceed.

(After clicking 'Continue', if you don't have the WGA Validation tool installed you can click 'resolve' to have it installed. Then exit and restart mgadiag.exe to test validation.)

2. Click on OK when MGADiag finishes processing and displays your genuine status. The status should show "GENUINE".