Windows XP WGA Notifications Update: Removal and Prevention Instructions
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  • WGA Bypass Option: Click here to review the WGAValidator Package (involves changing XP VLK) (  This new method can be followed in place of just a removal and prevention routine of the WGA Notifications update per instructions on this page.  The WGAValidator technique is the preferred method for bypassing WGA. This allows you to pass WGA validation with a genuine copy of Windows. (Provides across the board validation)


WGA Notifications Removal and Prevention Instructions:

Note: Once you have removed the WGA Notifications update using these instructions (or if it is not already installed), go here to prevent it from installing in the future.

WGA How to Remove the Windows Genuine Advantage Notification update in Win XP:

Important: (after removing the update with the procedure below, follow the directions in the link above immediately to prevent the installation of the update in the future.)

(If you are preparing to use WGAValidator you can go here after uninstalling the WGA Notification update.)

To remove the WGA Notifications update: 

 Click here and save the “Autoruns.exe” utility from SysInternals to your desktop. Or directly from SysInternals in zip form. (zip must be extracted before running.)

Next, run the utility by double clicking on it. (see instructions below)

(there are other methods but this utility, followed by the prevention instructions in the link above have worked best for me so far.  Also because we are essentially just removing its ability to load on startup, even if it gets reinstalled or updated it won't load into memory!  So I prefer this method.)

When the utility opens click on the “WinLogon” tab (as shown left)

Then scroll down and “uncheck” the WgaLogon entry (as shown left)

Then simply close the utility (you can delete the utility from your desktop)

Then restart Windows. (the notification and tray icon should disappear after restarting)

You will still see the WGA Notifications update listed in Add/Remove Programs (this is normal)

Remember, after following these instructions, see the link at the top of the page immediately to avoid installing the update in the future (follow the directions in the link) unless you are preparing to use WGAValidator.

If you are preparing to use the WGAValidator package: make sure you reboot first

Note: When you run WGALoopback (part of WGAValidator) make sure to let it remove the remaining WGA files.

After rebooting you can continue to use WGAValidator here.  

Note: The image below shows the “Windows Genuine Advantage Notifications” update after it is installed. Notice the (star shaped) icon and message in the lower right hand corner.  If you have this icon or message, you have the Notifications update installed.