spacebag : WGA Validation Bypass Method and WGA Notifications update removal/prevention (Win XP)

If you simply want to "remove and/or avoid" the WGA Notifications update:

Important Information on dealing with WGA and the Windows Genuine Advantage Notifications update in Windows XP.


 If you simply want to force Microsoft to see your copy of XP Pro Corporate as "Genuine":

WGAValidator Package: (Download) This is a repackaged version of the Key Change & WGA Loopback technique. Included files are the Windows XP/2003 Keygen (Windows XP Keygen.exe), Magic Jelly Bean (keyfinder.exe), and my own WGALoopback.exe instead of wga-fix.exe. Instructions are included but can also be seen HERE.

        Note: After running this routine, Microsoft will see your copy of XP Pro Corp. as genuine and you will be able to run  Windows Update and download "Validation Required" updates from  Also the WGA Notifications update will see your copy of XP Pro as genuine as well if it happens to be installed.


Download the utility below if you already have the Key Generator and Key Changing programs and simply need the loopback utility:

WGALoopback utility: (Download) creates loopback entry ( in your hosts file.

   I created this alternative to wga-fix.exe because it was so easy to do from scratch.
Also I didn't really like wga-fix.exe.   WGALoopback is used in the package below instead of wga-fix.exe.   WGALooback also allows automatic removal of existing WGA files during the process.