Rules & FAQ

The hackathon format means that this event starts on April 12th, all that can be done before is prepare a good team, an idea to solve a challenge, and to be ready for some awesome insights and conversations about science and technology.

Q: Can I come if i am under 18?
A: We welcome participants of all ages but need an adult (parent or guardian) to accompany any youth under 18.

Q: Can I participate if I am not from Atlanta?
A: We collaborate with Augusta, Athens, and Atlanta's sister city Toulouse, and you can also join remotely.

Q: Is this weekend designed to present our projects?
A: The weekend is where you start designing, programming/making, and submitting your ideas. Fair play means no submission of any prior work, it all happens during the weekend.

Q: What will I get for participating?
A: For winning, see the prizes page! Also all participants will get a NASA certificate for this community event.

Q: Can i stay overnight?
A: At the moment, there are not enough participants looking to hack through the night, but let us know in the notes about yourself and we can consider options.

Q: Where do I sign up? Is it required, or can i just show up?
A: All participants must be registered on NASA's site from our Signup page. You can also enter your email to our information newsletter.

Q: What are the judging criteria?
A: After all presentations, submissions will be locally evaluated for creativity, completeness, and value in solving the specific chosen challenge. The 2 teams that win the Atlanta judges' opinion will be flagged for NASA to review over the next couple of weeks (not a further competition to take part in, but a 2nd tier for the fruit of your weekend's work!)
Also, NASA will use twitter to collect worldwide votes of popularity among each city's "People's choice" that we will nominate at BNR at lunch sunday.

Q: Can i participate in multiple challenges?
A: Preferably join only 1 team to complete 1 challenge well. The weekend will not be too long to complete it in a successful way, and we encourage commitment to your team for the best experience of all participants.

Q: Do i have to be a good programmer to have a chance to win?
A: NASA is encouraging all makers, designers, thinkers and tinkerers, not just programmers and engineers. But to participate, in any case, you work as a team of good programmers doesnt make a good team (all creative and rational talents are desirable). Last year one of the 2 best projects was a mere "blog" style portrait of the mars rover curiosity (which is still up there and happy, right?) You can click the past year page of our site for more details.