Virtuality of Urban Culture

     Salvador - Edmonton videoconference: resources

           30 November 2006 

 Rob's presentation 

Rob Shields. Virtuality of Urban Culture 

Power Point presentation

Salvador  web-sites

Something about Salvador, in Portuguese but with visuals

Touristic site, the topic that talks about the city: Know Salvador, you can explore the topics on the side and discover a lot about the city.

Site of Cid Teixeira, a famous history teacher that has a lifetime of researchs about the city.

Photos: the galery
Photos: old pictures
Photos: popular parties

Some more:

Site official





 Edmonton web-sites

Edmonton as a touristic place and space 

Know Edmonton

Look at this one for some short video clips
This one has a somewhat different visualization of Edmonton's virtuality

"Festival city"

This one is a kind of gateway to other web-sites with Edmontonian festivals

Some particular festivals:
Edmonton Folk Fest
Heritage Festival

West Edmonton Mall. Look at the section 'PLAY', for example.

own Edmonton:

Matt Tiessen's

Andriko Lozowy's and and his comments

Michelle Brady's  

Petra Hroch's 

Barret Weber's

Pablo Markin's

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