Broad Street Centre

The Spalding Centre for Listening and Counselling, which is known as SPACE4U, is an Ecumenical Project set up through a covenant of the Anglican, Methodist and United Reformed Churches in Spalding to provide a professional Counselling Service following the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy's Ethical Framework.

This service is offered at a cost affordable by individuals according to their ability to pay. The organisation was established in June 2007 using volunteer and paid counsellors. The sessions take place in rooms in the Broad Street Centre.

The Project was not set up evangelise or persuade people to follow a Christian or any other faith belief but to provide a professional counselling service that is universally available to those seeking to understand and cope with their confusion and distress.   

The service is available to those residents in the County of Lincolnshire, primarily in the District of South Holland, of any age above 13 years, regardless of their gender, age, nationality, race, creed, sexual orientation, health condition, disability, social status, personal beliefs or any other individual differences.