I'm Harishankaran. This is my "About Me" page in Google Page Creator. Man, this google page creator rocks. It took me less than 5 minutes to create this page. 

 A picture is worth 1000 words. So, this is how I look.  :) 

My Blog 


Some of the places in this huge internet where you can find about me. 

Topcoder http://www.topcoder.com/tc?module=MemberProfile&cr=15474120

SPOJ http://www.spoj.pl/users/sp2hari/

UVA ACM http://felix-halim.net/uva/hunting.php?id=347 

Twitter http://twitter.com/sp2hari/ 

This map points the three important places in my life. Chennai, Trichy and Bangalore.

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My Work

I'm an open source enthusiast and a web developer. So naturally, all my work are mostly in GNU/Linux environment and is related to creating a web front-end. Here is the list of work I've done till now (in no particular order) 

Google Summer Of Code ’07

Selected under Mozilla Foundation for Firefox automation and Tinderbox Integration. 48 Indians were selected for this program, which is funded by Google.

Language: C/Python

Platform: GNU/Linux

Under: Mozilla Foundation

URL: http://code.google.com/soc/2007/mozilla/about.html



Personal Comments: My direct contribution to the open source community. Amount of knowledge I gained in those 4 months is huge. More than the money, the contacts and the quality of people with whom I interacted was awesome. One day, I'll be talking to some mozilla developer from Sun China, and the next day someone from Novell and so on. :)

Codelabs [ An online programming contest judge ]

 Software accepts code submitted from users, executes it and analyzes the output for correctness. All the on-line programming contest in our college was organized using this software. 

Language: C++, PHP, Mysql    

Platform: Independent    

URL : http://www.pragyan.org/08/home/events/coding/bytecode/

Personal Comments: This was a big hit in our college and even quite a few outside colleges used this code checker for their online contests. This is as powerful as SPOJ or any other good code checker.

Rhythm [ Front end for a music server ]

Developed a front end for the shoutcast server using PHP/MySQL. The solution simplified addition/deletion of songs and allowed users to save playlists on server itself.

Language: PHP/MySQL    

Platform: Independent

Personal Comments:  When i look back now, this software isn't that great. But I just love this one. This was the first big project in college which I did in my second year and this is where I learned all the PHP and other server concepts. :) But ironically, I don't have any backup of this software now, as gnumpd replaced this one and the server administrator didn't bother to take a backup :(

SMS server 

Involves query processing and replying to queries through SMS, with content relevant to the client. Updating of content through SMS possible.
Language: C, C++, PHP, Mysql 

Platform: Independent    

Under: Spider Technical Group, NITT

Personal Comments: This is a cool fun project. I used gnokii and a personal mobile to get automatic reponse through SMS from computer. Everyday morning, I used to get up and message "TIMETABLE" to a particular number and that will send me back my timetable for that day. And everyone in our college ( especially the lazy guys like me) just loved this. :P

Interactive Voice Response System

Developed an Interactive Voice Response System, which automates the task of responding to users queries regarding college admission details etc.

Language: Perl    

Platform: GNU/Linux 

Under: Smart Campus Project, NITT

Personal Comments: Not one of my best works. All I had to do was to implement a perl simple script. But was fun to implement this. A good learning experience.

Online Programming Contest Calendar

Developed a programming contest calendar which can alert the participants through various channels like Twitter, Firefox, Facebook, GTalk, Wordpress, SMS alerts and lots more. :)

Language: PHP/Python 

Platform: GNU/Linux 

Under: Self

URL : http://www.opccalendar.com/

Personal Comments: Awesome work. Was fun to work with all great internet services.