Naïve listeners' perception of prominence and boundary in French spontaneous speech

Author(s): Guillaume Roux, Roxane Bertrand, Alain Ghio and Corine Astésano


Our main goal here is to explore the link between naïve listeners’ perception of prominences and boundaries in spontaneous speech and experts’ annotation of prosodic hierarchy and accentuation in French. We first present the design of our corpus, which consists in 133 utterances extracted from the Corpus of Interactional Data (CID). 73 naïve listeners judged prominences and boundaries using three levels of prominence and boundary (“none”, “weak” and “strong”) during two separate tasks. Prominence-Scores and Boundary-Scores reveal good reliability between listeners. With a strong agreement between the two experts’ annotation, we then examine the extent to which naïve judgments are in line with experts’ annotations.