Your Work

I have updated the Assignment Tracker as of  noon, May 4. Email me with a direct link to your work if I missed something.

LiveText is NOW available for our class. Please upload your Lesson Plans to LiveText as well as having it posted it to your web sites.

ALSO - Unit Plan check off and sample template is posted in Session 13

   Web Sites                       Online sessions you signed up for
     1/23        2/13 3/13 4/3
AmosElaina Session 1 Session 1/2 Session 2 Session 2
AndersonMaryn  Session 2 Session 2 Session 2 Session 2
ButtacavioliBrian Session 2
 Session 2 ? 
 Session 1 Session 2 Session 1 Session 2
HamJenny    Session 2
 Session 1 Session 1 Session 1
 Session 2 ? ? 
LaKroixCourtney Session 2Session 1/2Session 1 Session 1
McDonnellWilliam Session 2
Session 2
Session 2
 Session 2
PortugalNina Session 1Session 1/2Session 2
 Session 2
TemkinAmina Session 1
Session 2 ? Session 2
WekeBobby Session 2
Session 1Session 1 

Please keep up.
Note: If you are far behind, please note that LMU's policy is if you do not have 80% of the work completed, you cannot have an incomplete. 

Welcome to the Class

This semester we shall go beyond the basic setup for an English class. We will be discussing and exploring various teaching and learning strategies. Last semester we learned basic lesson planning and the set up of a group of lessons into a unit of study. This semester we shall delve deeper, explore the Common Core,  and investigate more classroom practices and English teaching strategies. 

Each week there will be assignments under "Weekly Sessions." Also, there will be A Weekly Discussion under the "G+ Community." There will be 4 scheduled online MANDATORY meetings which will take place of that week's discussion. You will have a choice to attend one of the two sessions that week (whatever fits your time better). Dr. Litton informs me that Thursday meetings would be best for this class. Thus you have a choice between two 1-hour sessions on each of the four Thursdays.