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General language learning sites
How to learn any language
- Tips & advice on learning languages, information on different language, active forum. Essential resource.
- Community for language learners with free language courses, pronunciation & vocab guides, easy stories and more.
- Guide on writing systems, articles, advice on learning languages etc.
- Tips and tricks for learning languages on your own. (Note: Only available on Internet Archive)
Language Impact
- General language articles and info about using mp3s for language learning.
Language learning advisor
- Advice, tips, methods, resources, reviews and information on specific languages.
Get Fluent Fast
- A great site with articles, tips, memory techniques and more to help in learning a language faster.
Language Learning Expertise
- Reviews of language learning series & languages and advice for learning many languages from a multiple polyglot.
BBC Languages
- Courses for 7 languages, survival phrases in 36, a language newsletter, tips, stories and discussions on languages.
I Kinda Like Languages
- Interactive courses for several languages and writing systems, from popular languages like German and Italian to rarer languages like Uzbek and Afrikaans. Courses can be freely created by registered members.
- Huge collection of links for ancient languages, as well as a blog, forum and twitter account. Great resource.

Language learning forums
How to learn any language forum
- Very active forum about teaching yourself languages, language products, websites, specific languages etc.
Unilang forum
- Forum for general language discussion, specific languages, culture, world literature, translations etcs.
Omniglot forum
- Forum for language learning, endangered & extinct languages, conlangs, writing systems and more.
Fluent in 3 months forum
- New forum with subforums for sharing resources, finding conversation partners, discussions about specific languages, travelling, success stories, linguistics and more.
Word Reference forum
- Another big forum for asking questions about meanings of words and sharing links.
Phrasebase forum
- Big forum for specific languages, language teachers, translation, language exchanges, languages in general, linguistics etc. Unfortunately all the old posts have been deleted and the forum has been started anew, but with significantly less posts than before.

Language learning blogs
Confessions of a language addict (new Wordpress blog)
- Thoughts on language, language learning and the process of becoming a polyglot. One of the longest running language blogs.
Foreign language acquisition
- Foreign language acquisition, science, theories, ideas.
Learn a language
- Posts on language, linguistics and study methods.
Omniglot - the blog
- One language is never enough.
Polyglot dreams
- Too many languages, too many programs, not enough time!
Cunning linguist
- Adventures in multilingualism.
Tower of confusion
- "Come, let us go down and confuse their language so they will not understand each other" - Gen 11:7
Polyglot to be
- Documenting my language learning progress.
The Linguist
- For people who love languages or would, but were discouraged...
Language geek 1
- Linguistics, languages and culture.
Language geek 2
- Just blogging about my language geekery.
Kelly's languages
- Studying 8 languages.
In pursuit of language and culture
- Pulacu for you and me.
Behind the curtain
- Blog from accomplished speaker of several Asian languages.
- A blog devoted to language and language learning.
Can you speak
- Languages and cultural differences explored.
Language lovers
- Resources for language learners and translators/interpretors.
The Linguist Blogger
- This blog shares people's thoughts on language and language learning.
Learn a language or two
- Charting the blogger's progress and thoughts on language learning.
Keith's voice on extreme language learning
- Keith's thoughts on language learning methods and ideas; focusing on natural language aquisition.
- Posts about language learning methods, resources, language issues, polyglots and more.
Bringing up baby bilingual
- Resource reviews and recommendations, language activities, profiles of bilingual and multilingual families, and reflections, anxieties, and whimsy from a non-native speaker teaching French to her son.
Foreign Language Blog
- Language news and advice on learning languages, with specific articles on foreign language education in the U.S.A.
Brooklyn Monk in Asia
- Interesting, long posts on language learning theory, immersion, living abroad and martial arts.
Polyglottally Speaking
- A blog about (multi/poly)lingualism and (multi/inter)culturalism.
Aspiring Polyglot DEAD LINK
- Language tips, website reviews, and posts about the author's own language learning.
Street-Smart Language Learning
- New blog with a variety of topics, including teaching kids languages, language education, language materials, vocabulary etc.
外国語大好きおじさん Only available in Japanese
- 外国語が大好きなおじさんの学習奮闘記です!英検1級、中検1級、仏検1級の三連覇を達成しました!これからも頑張ります!
- Interesting blog comparing languages, guest articles on learning languages, language links, vocabulary & phrases and culture.
The Struggling Linguist
- Blog about learning languages, raising multilingual children, living in a foreign country and recommendations.
37 Languages
- Blog about a guy trying out 37 languages before settling on the perfect one. Gives a brief overview of each language.
My Language Learning Blog
- Blog by a young polyglot learning 10 languages, posts about the author's progress and language resources. BROKEN LINK
Baby Steps to Fluency
- New blog with tips for learning languages and posts about the author's progress in learning languages.
Language Museum
- Blog about linguistics, language related news, translation, learning tips, the author's personal progress etc.
Fluent in 3 months
- Unconventional language learning tips from Benny the Irish polyglot - travelling the world to learn languages to fluency.
Language Fixation
- Posts about specific languages, the author's progress, tips learning languages, motivation, SRS and learning techniques.
Omniglot Blog
- Blog about the author's language learning, word etymologies, guess the mystery language quizzes, language news and more.
Abroad Languages
- Interesting blog with loads of posts about the science of language learning and advice and tips for learning a language, some posts are commercially related to the company of this blog.
Language Trainers UK
- Long running blog about linguistics, learning languages, ESL, culture, tips and more.
Language Explorer
- Lots of posts with practical tips for learning languages, particularly English.
Blog Lingua
- Languages, cultures and events from around the world.
Foreign Language Mastery
- Language learning tips, reviews of language materials, and interviews with language experts.
- Blog about language learning tips, specific languages, business, culture and more.
Apprendre les langues
- Des ressources multiples en ligne et hors ligne.
- Blog about learning one new language every year, by a blogger with strong views on how to learn a language.
Lingua Frankly
- Blog with a serious approach to language learning and teaching methods, minority languages etc.
Damian Gryski
- Blog of a language learner about the different learning methods he is trying out, language progress, opinions on other polyglot's metholodologies, resource reviews and more.
Syzygy on Language
- Musings on foreign language learning by the man behind 'The Polyglot Project'.
Dorian Wacquez
- Connecting the world through language exploration. Focuses on Japanese, Korean, Spanish and teaching English.
Page F30
- Lengthy, interesting posts about language learning and many other subjects such as science, technology and politics.
Create your World Books
- Blog about language learning, music and travel.
Mainly Magyar
-The challenge to learn foreign languages from an English-speaker's perspective. Posts about the multilingual author's language learning, starting with Hungarian and on to Arabic, Mandarin & Korean.
- Lots of articles about learning languages, specific languages, studying abroad, foreign literature etc. and reviews of language learning materials.

Language learning Twitter feeds
Language Bandit
- At least one language fact every day.
About World Langs
- Providing information and cultural awareness about languages around the world.
Language SVC Corps
- National group of volunteers ready to use their language skills.
- PhD student in Languages & Linguistics, author of Say it in French and Great French Short Stories of the 20th Century (Dover), and webmaster of
- A twitter feed by a translation company but lots of tweets about learning languages, language news etc.
Language Hunters
- Non-profit org sharing community-wide system of rapid playful language learning to turn around world endangered language crisis.
Are you a linguist, translator, polyglot...? Check us out!
- Tweets by the founder of Lingq.
Language A GoGo
- Taking language education out of the classroom.
Language Buster
- Lots of tweets about language learning news.

Language learning articles and tips
Success with foreign languages by Earl W. Stevick
- A downloadable pdf book about different strategies 7 language learners used.
What? Me worry about language learning? by Greg Thomson
- Learning a language in different situations.
Leave me alone! Can't you see I'm learning your language? by Greg Thomson
- Becoming part of a community while learning a language.
Kick-starting your language learning by Greg Thomson
- Becoming a basic speaker through fun and games.
Language learning in the real world for non-beginners by Greg Thomson
- How to become an advanced speaker.
The comprehensible corpus by Greg Thomson
- Explains how to learn a language with the help of a native speaker.
Building a corpus of comprehensible text by Greg Thomson
- More info about previous article
A few simple ideas for new language learners by Greg Thomson and family
- Principles and methods for learning a language successfully.
How to learn a language by coljac
- Tools, methods, tips etc. Comments at end are also really useful.
How I learned French in one year by mricon
- Learning French through reading, mnemonics and repeated listening.
5 minute linguist by various authors
- Short articles about learning languages.
Language success strategies by Rob Hillman
- Strategies for different types of learners and other tips.
Language studying tips by Tae Kim
- Strategies and advice for learning a language from Japanese grammar legend.
Omniglot language learning tips by Simon Ager
- Why you should learn a language, methods, how to learn a new script etc.
How to learn (but not master) a language in one hour by Tim Ferris
- How to deconstruct and figure out a language's grammar in one hour.
How to resurrect your high school Spanish ... or any language by Tim Ferris
- A reactivating method for languages you haven't used in a while.
Learn lots of languages
- Different methods and tips for learning a language.
Norsk experiment
- An experiment in learning Norwegian without using any other language, bilingual dictionaries or translations.
Ways to approach language learning by Carol Orwig
- Analyzes many different ways to learn languages.
Get fluent fast
- A really useful booklet with lots of tips and advice about learning languages that is based on scientific research.
Language learning tips
- A series of useful articles about language learning methods and attitudes.
Language learning and technology
- Loads of academic articles on learning and teaching languages.
On learning by D. Elmes
- A language teacher & learner examines different different approaches to learning/teaching a language and gives his opinion.
Lessons learned from 50 years of theory and practice in government language teaching by F. H. Jackson & M. A. Kaplan
- Lots of interesting information from the Foreign Service Institute on learning languages and designing language courses.
Learn that language now by Robertson B. Kunz
- Lots of short articles about learning languages. Slightly advertises his book but some useful tips nonetheless.
10 tips for language learning success
- Tips for succeeding in language learning, including learning styles, memory tips, etc. Slanted towards students learning in class.
15 language learning resources at your fingertips
- Feasible options for improving your target language, focused mainly on authentic materials.
Why learn languages?
- 10 reasons why you should be learning a foreign language, geared especially towards English speakers.
You're not studying, you're just... by Ravi Purushotma, 2005
- Interesting article about learning a language by playing games, surfing the internet, listening to music etc.
When do people learn languages? by Mark Rosenfelder
- About the situations people learn languages, and how to apply this to your own learning.
Learning a language - the basics by Ben, 2007
- Useful study tips for beginning language students and those who are a little rusty.
How many languages can you learn at once? by Ben, 2007
- Tips for people studying more than one language at once.
A Guide to the Study of Southeast Asian Languages by E. Riddle, K. Carpenter, C. J. Compton & J. Wheatley, 2000
- Great essay with loads of advice on learning a language, strategies, learning different skills, maintaining a language etc.
Peace Corps Volunteer On-going Language Learning Manual 2000
- Nice book with strategies for learning a language on your own, motivation, planning, communication skills, language styles etc.
Language Miniatures by W. Z. Shetter, 1998-2006
- 172 essays on linguistics, foreign languages, English, grammar, vocabulary, culture, history and more.Very interesting stuff.
Helium - Languages
- Articles by different authors on ancient & modern languages, language tips, language resources, reviews of language materials etc.
Second Language Acquisition & Second Language Learning by S. D. Krashen, 1981
- Academic book on how people learn second languages, with lots of examples from research and case studies.
New ways to learn a foreign language by R. A. Hall Jr. 1973
- Discussed problems encountered by students of 8 major languages, building language habits and language in context.
Where do I go from here? A handbook for continuing language study in the field by C. H. Kraft & M. E. Kraft, 1966
- Covers independent language learning without formal classes, geared towards Peace Corps volunteers.
The Polyglot Project: How to Learn Multiple Languages by C. Cartaginese, 2010
- E-book with over 500 pages of language learning tips by many different polyglots and language learners. Great resource, and shows the diversity of methods that polyglots use to learn languages.
On the Mortality of Language Learning Methods by J. L. Barker, 2001
- Interesting article on the history of the language learning industry and the fads that come and go.
The Complete Guide to Learning a Language by G. James, 2003
- Lengthy e-book that covers almost all aspects of language learning,  including grammar, reading, conversation, vocabulary, motivation, fluency and more.
Myths About Vocabulary Aquisition by Jan-Arjen Mondria, 2007
- Article backed up with research on the myths and truths of learning vocabulary.
Tower of Babelfish
- New website detailing a language learning method focusing on flashcards, vocabulary learning by frequency, no translations and early pronunciation focus. Also includes language textbook reviews.
The Word Brain: A Short Guide to Language Learning by B. S. Kamps, 2010
- Guide to learning a language (listening, grammar, memory etc.) with detailed learning plans for each stage.
Foreign Language Learning: A Comparative Analysis of Relative Difficulty from Cryptologic Spectrum, Vol. 11, No. 1, 1981
- Short article on what makes a foreign language difficult for native English speakers; covering grammar, vocabulary, writing system etc.

Link collections
Online language communities
- Details on 70+ social networks for learning languages.
- Useful website with reviews of authentic & instructional sites for specific languages.
italki Resources
- A nice collection, especially for sites in languages other than English.
Top 100 Language Blogs
- A great list for specific language and general language blogs, as well as blogs on learning and linguistics.
Open Culture Free Foreign Language Lessons
- A list of podcasts for learning 37 languages, slightly old but has some nice finds.

Flashcard programs
- Free, basic, flashcard program that can organize your cards into categories.
- Online & offline flashcard program with loads of extra features, especially for Asian languages.
- Downloadable flashcard program with three or two sided cards.
Zhongwen Development Tool
- A flashcard program for Mandarin Chinese with different learning modes, categories, import & export functions and more.

Helpful websites
Memory Master
- A course to improve your memory & learn different techniques.
Free rice
- Improve your English vocabulary while donating to charity!
Library thing
- Archive your book collection online. For those obsessed with arranging their language books and staring at them.
UCLA language materials
- Provides reviews of teaching materials for specific languages. Comprehensive for commercial resources, less so for internet resources.
IPA Language Downloads
- For those who like to take a more technical approach to language learning, IPA (International Phonetic Alphabet) downloads with audio are available for a number of languages.
- Conjugates verbs in over 80 languages.