So You Have to Read a Classic...

So you've been given the dreaded "read a classic" assignment. Not to fear! We've put together this long list of titles/authors to help. Use the navigation bar on the left to see the list arranged by author's birthdate, by date of publication, or by author's nationality. There is also a bonus list of American Authors born before 1920. If you're looking for a certain type of book, check out our lists of classics by genre.

Not enough? Try these for more ideas:

Accessing the Classics: Great Reads for Adults, Teens, and English Language Learners
by Rosow La Vergne.

100 Must-Read Classic Novels by Nick Rennison

Genrefied Classics: A Guide to Reading Interests in Classic Literature (Note: this is not for checkout).

*Note: Book descriptions have been taken from publisher information. Book covers shown may not be the same as those on the shelves.

If you're looking for a classic title in e-book format and not finding it in the SCPL catalog, try looking on the Project Gutenberg site. They have thousands of classics available for download, and every e-book is free!