Chocó, Colombia is a beautiful place in the northwest of Colombia and it borders with Panamá.

Chocó has coasts on the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea as well as a thousand rivers.  Aside from the great location of Choco,  the poverty in Chocó affects 67% of the population, therefore, it has been declared in Humanitarian Crisis.  The population of Chocó is 85% Afro Colombian and 15% Indigenous.
We are concerned about the malnutrition of the Children in Chocó, 
There are 15.000 children suffering from malnutrition there. The lack 
of protein makes their health fragile and it is difficult to learn at school. 

Hunter Nelson, a volunter at the Marajuera Foundation in Chocó had organized an event in which he would be walking barefoot to create awareness of the poverty in which children live in Choco, Colombia.  Many children go barefoot because their parents do not have the money to provide them shoes. Sadly, Hunter, passed away on July 5th as he was training to cross the Pacific Crest Trail from Oregon to Washington State in July 2018.  We send a heartfelt thanks to all who have donated to the Children of Choco, in memory of Hunter.  He wanted  to deliver tennis shoes and soccer cleats to the 200 children of the Marajuera Foundation in Choco, Colombia.  His family has taken on the campaign, and we are thankful for continuing Hunter's mission.

GoFundMe: Walk On-The Barefoot Journey

                                                                                                                                                           Sowing Seeds for the Future is working with Fundación Marajuera in 
                                                                                                                                                           Chocó, Colombia.


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