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Quick Office

Quick office is an app that allows users to created, edit, and view documents in a variety of file formats on their iPad. When used in conjunction with Google Apps for Education, quick office extends the usefulness and functionality of Google Docs on the iPad

To view an annotated screen shot of Quick Office, click here. 
To view an annotated screen shot of the editing screen, click here
Setting Up Quick Office

The first time you use Quick Office you will need to connect it to your Google Docs Account. 

To do so, click the "+" button in the bottom left corner and select "Google Docs." Input your SCS email and password to connect your account. 

Note: you are welcome to connect multiple Google Docs accounts, i.e. your SCS Google Apps account and a personal Gmail account, etc. 

Helpful Tips
1. Quick Office allows you to created and edit Google Docs Presentations. This is great because you cannot edit a Google Presentation by using the browser version of Google Docs. 

2. Quick office allows for off-line reading and editing of documents. If you won't have Wi-Fi for a while, save your documents to your iPad to continue working without internet connectivity. 

3. Save your documents to Google Docs, not to your iPad! This will enable you to edit your document from any web-enabled device and will ensure that your files are backed-up. 
Opening/Editing Existing Documents
1. Click on the document you would like to edit. 
2. Clicking on the document or table will bring up the keyboard and allow you to edit. 
3. Quick office supports basic text formatting (bold, italic, underline, billeting, etc). Click on the "Geared A" in  the top right corner to view  your formatting options. 

Creating New Documents
1. Click on the "new document" icon (bottom right)
2. Select The type of document you wish to create:
  • Presentation (PowerPoint): the 2003 and 2007 formats will work equally well. 
  • Spreadsheet (Excel)
  • Documents (Word): the 2003 and 2007 formats will work equally well. 
  • Text File: A simpler version of a document file. Stick with a document if you want advanced text-editing in the future. 
3. After editing your document, click close (upper right corner) and "Save". Provide a file name and then click on a "drive":
  • On [your name] iPad-- stores the document locally. Will not be available through Google Docs. 
  • Google Docs-- saves the file to the cloud. Will be available for editing on any device with a WiFi connection. <--- recommended! 
Managing Documents
  • Moving a document onto your iPad or into Google Docs is easy. Simply "long press" a document and drag it onto the drive you wish to add it to. 
  • Drag a document on top of the trash can to delete it. 
  • Drag a document on top of the envelope to email it. 
  • Click the folder icon (bottom right corner) to organize your documents into folders. 
  • Use the search bar (top right corner) to find the correct document.