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The war had far-reaching effects on Afghanistan, Soviets, and US. Several million Afghans had either fled to Pakistan for refuge or had become internal refugees. Millions had died from starvation or from the bombings and raids. Homes, animals, and irrigation systems were destroyed, leaving the country in ruin. Many things like land mines continued to pose a hazard to the people long after the war ended.

The USSR was also affected by its failure. They lost fifteen thousand troops, but the true damage done was in its image, and the billions of dollars it spent during the war. This defeat and vast expenditure of money, partly caused the USSR to fall apart in the early 1990s. 

One long-term effect of the Soviet invasion and the withdrawal of the troops was that it leads to the establishment of a breeding ground for terrorism. The US provided the resistance with guns and antiaircraft missiles which now they face, even if it seemed like a good idea at that time. Even the United States felt its effects.

When the war ended, United States and Europe largely abandoned Afghanistan, leaving it to Pakistan to create a settlement. Pakistan did this by creating the Taliban and helping it to take over the country. The Taliban, proved welcoming hosts for former mujaheddin Osama bin Laden, who brought his followers to Pakistan. The result of the Soviet invasion, war and years of neglect that followed lead to the attacks of 9/11 and many terrorists attacks all over the world.