Welcome to the South Yorkshire Senior Cricket League History Web Site
The South Yorkshire Senior Cricket League has a long and proud history.
Formed in 1948 as the South Riding League it changed its name to the South Yorkshire League in 2002. It introduced a Premier Division in its Jubilee Year in 1998 and achievable standards to all clubs, for the benefit of Clubs, players and spectators. With contributions from its member clubs the status of the League rose both on and of the playing field during these years.
The League became Yorkshire Senior League Champions in 1998, with more Final appearances in the years that followed.  In competition with other Senior Leagues in the Yorkshire Council Championship competition it has also produced numerous Champion teams.
This web site will document the League's History from its origins in 1948, through the Handbooks, records and Photographs available. It will also follow current events through Weekly Cricket Reports, Tables and Averages - History is created every week.
Contributions and assistance for this ambitious project are wecolmed.
Please contact:
Jim Beachill
07886 718719
Many thanks to the Rotherham Advertiser, South Yorkshire Times and individuals for the provision of Photographs.
South Yorkshire League History - Progress Chart
We have added further sections and hope this year to have documented the last 10 years of the League's history - from 2003 to 2012. The Chart below displays the Progress towards this goal.
Although other sections will be added, each season will display Tables, Averages, Season Reviews for each team, Weekly Cricket Reports, Articles from the Handbook and Photographs.
We are also developing individual Club sections and will tell you more about theses when available.
All the Season Reviews for each season are now shown
By clicking on the link on the left side you can access the items shown as complete.

South Yorkshire League History - Progress Chart