Aug 28th - Yorkshire Council "Semis" - Swinton's Objection


Yorkshire Council "semi's" – Swinton's Objection.

Hickleton, who headed last season's Yorkshire Council championship table with 94.73%, but failed to win their third final, will meet Heckmondwike in this season's semi-final at Thurnscoe tomorrow at 2 PM. In the other semi-final. Shire green will meet Mitchells Main. Neither Heckmondwike, Shiregreen nor Mitchells have previously won the championship final.

Last-minute objection by Swinton was dealt with by an emergency meeting of the Council Committee on Tuesday evening. Points of contention were fixtures with Altofts in May, and a cancelled fixture with Scunthorpe. The match with Altofts, which was drawn, was hitherto believed by Swinton to be a friendly.

"To Be Logical"

in a letter to the Yorkshire Council’s Secretary, Mr Norman Stead, Swinton, drew attention to the fact that they were unable to meet Scunthorpe in a council fixture, as arranged on August 7th as Scunthorpe were engaged in the Victory Cup final. They contended that the rules and spirit of the Council were framed to preclude clubs from rearranging fixtures for the express purpose of qualification for the championship, and that to be logical and just, no club should have a fixture taken away and so denied the chance and honour.

With regard to the rearrangement of a fixture, they contended that the onus for that appeared to be in the first place between the Council and the home team.

"We have heard nothing on the matter. In any case, the time factor and our fixture list would have prevented this."

Swinton added that they hoped something will be added to the rules to prevent a repetition. The drew attention to the Rule affecting fixtures that.

"Any fixtures made between secretaries of clubs in membership with the Council, confirmed by each other and notified to the Council Secretary shall be binding. In any case of dispute the first authentic tainted arrangement shall stand…"

With regard to the Altofts fixture the club contended that he was arrayed as a friendly as no return could be arranged. Swinton did not notify the Council secretary of the fixture, no result was sent by them, and the match was published by them as a friendly.