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The 2013 season is underway!! 
In other news, the dates for the Youth Fair Championship have changed also, and it is now scheduled for Friday and Saturday, September 27-28 - mark your calendars :)

Our swimming season has started.

All student athletes, regardless of their current swimming ability are welcomed to try out for the team. However, before you can come to practice to get into shape and ready for try outs, there are some things that you must do first

1) Get the current (2013) version of the physical packet from the Athletics Office at school and get a physical from a licensed professional
2) Your parents' notarized signature is also required
3) Bring the completed, signed and notarized packets back to the athletics office for review along with your ORIGINAL BIRTH CERTIFICATE. A copy of your birth certificate will be made and the original returned to you immediately.
4) Once received, it will be reviewed and you will then have the opportunity to pay the $30 CASH for Athletes insurance.

After completing these steps, you are cleared to participate!

The practice schedule is as follows....

Monday, Wednesday and Friday we will conduct swim practice at Tamiami Pool from 3 - 5 pm*
Tuesday and Thursday we will conduct swim practice at Tamiami Pool from 5 - 6:30 AM in the morning.

As always, it is the student athlete's responsibility to secure transportation to and from the pool and school.

*Due to Miami's tradition of inclement weather in the afternoons, swimmers should be prepared for dry land practice with shorts and sneakers in the event the pool is temporarily closed due to weather.

Your coaches and captains do understand the additional commitment required on your and your parents' part to come to early morning practice. If the logistics prevent your attendance at these sessions, please discuss your concerns with us. Daily practice is CRITICAL to the improvement of your performance. If you are not able to make it, we can be accommodating but your opportunities to compete against other schools will decrease compared to other athletes who are able to come more consistently to practice.