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The SOUTHWEST SUFI COMMUNITY, located near Silver City New Mexico, fosters a gathering place for people committed to inclusive spiritual practice within the sacred manuscript of nature. 

Our retreat center -  Voice of the Turtle offers space and atmosphere for individual and group retreats and events.

Our residential community -  Khankah Noor Inayat.

Our nature preserve -  land protected and cared for, our greatest teacher.

 Vision Statement

The Southwest Sufi Community originated from the vision of a land-based spiritual community where the creation of a spiritual refuge, retreat facility and healing center can be realized. Participation in the Southwest Sufi Community is based on the joy of uniting with others in a life dedicated to shared spiritual practice and common work toward mutually agreed-upon goals.  Honoring the diverse spiritual traditions of the world, the resident community invites representatives from these traditions to visit and share their wisdom.  Conscious stewardship of the land, informed by a continuing study of the sacred scripture of Nature, is embraced by each member of the community.  "Eat, dance, and pray together," said Sufi teacher Samuel Lewis (1896-1971), “and you will bring peace to the world."  Following this guidance, those participating in the Southwest Sufi Community (SSC) strengthen their spiritual and communal bonds and affirm their kinship with the peoples of the world -- indeed, with all of life. The primary purpose for participating in the SSC should be in support of the spiritual goals of the SSC as described above and in the Mission Statement below.

Mission Statement

The Southwest Sufi Community is a rural khankah, (a residential center consecrated to Sufi teachings and practices) accommodating families, couples/partners, and single mureeds (Sufi students).  Spiritual Training and Retreat, Ziraat (a heart-based approach to gardening and food production outwardly, and to spiritual growth inwardly) and Permaculture, Sacred Dance and Walk, and the Healing Arts are primary concentrations.  Acting from a global perspective, the Southwest Sufi Community invites guests from sacred cultures around the world to visit and share their wisdom.  To promote understanding of the Sufi Message, the Southwest Sufi Community sponsors classes, workshops, retreats and camps.