Sculptured Images

At home in any collection, realism and accuracy are the hallmarks of our busts or miniatures. Handmade of polyresin with hand painted detail, beautiful hand crafted clay, or hand painted plaster casts. All standing figures are replicas of historical Southwestern people and animals.


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The military has always been a major part of our Southwestern and Texas history. Our collection honors those warriors, who patrol the vast plains of Texas and the deserts of the Southwest including New Mexico and Arizona.


The American Soldiers of the 3rd Infantry circa 1846-1851, who established Ft. Bliss. The famous Buffalo Soldiers of the 9th and 10th Cavalries, who gloried themselves in Arizona, Texas, New Mexico and the Spanish American War. Soon to be add will be the Plains Soldiers and the famous 1st Cavalry of the early 20th Century that was established at Ft. Bliss.



Rodeo is part of our Southwestern history either the American rodeo with its cowboys and cowgirls. In the Southwestern United States, there is the Mexican Rodeo version with Vaqueros, Charros, and Escaramuza Charras.


Our Riders’ series well represents these American and Mexican traditions with all the thrills and action. The dangerous bull rider hanging-on, the bronco’s high kick, or the sudden stop of the roping horse. The thrills of the events are captured in our action figures.


Women have been a large part of this tradition with the exciting ride of the barrel racer or the side saddled punta of the escaramuza charra. Their beauty, skills, and courage bring excitement to the rodeo. Our images hopefully represent them in all their glory.


Professional Bull Riders


Professional Cowboy Association


Women’s Professional Rodeo Association




Our collection starts with the iconic Texas Longhorn and will have new additions very soon including the armadillo, coiled rattler, and a state bird series.



American Cowboy

Is there a more iconic symbol of America around the world as the great legends about the cowboy and his “ways”. Both films and stories abound worldwide. Just tell someone you are from Texas and their reaction is almost automatic.


Our busts and action sculptures well represent these great legends.


Mexican Vaquero

One out of every three cowboys in the late 1800s was the Mexican vaquero. They became famous for being able to do anything from the saddle of a horse and their skills working with cattle.


Mescalero Apache

They were experts in guerilla warfare and highly skilled horsemen. Their leaders included famous names such as Geronimo, Victorio, and Lozan, sister of Victorio, shaman, and woman warrior. 


Buffalo Soldiers

The legendary 9th and 10th Cavalries operated in Arizona, New Mexico and Texas. These warriors established themselves as one of the most effective fighting forces in the Army. Their adversaries nickname them buffalo soldiers. After the Indian Wars, troopers of the 9th and 10th Cavalry Regiments fought in Cuba participating in the Spanish-American War’s famous charge on Kettle and San Juan Hill. They rode into Mexico with General John J. Pershing in pursuit of Poncho Villa.



The US Cavalry existed in various forms from 1775 to 1942. Our tribute to them concentrates on the 1870s and later. They rode lonely patrols on the plains and deserts of the west and southwest protecting settlers and helping bring law and order to a great expanse of land.