Get Involved

giving you a louder voice
After a few years of expanding as a group and exploring various options, our officers have devised a new plan of action for the upcoming year. We want to work with you and/or your organization to create original, Southwestern-specific programming for our lineup.

We have the capacity to broadcast live events and radio shows, as well as prerecorded content. Our resources may be used publicize your organization by broadcasting upcoming events or specialized content like in-depth interviews, discussions, or even specialized music shows about the issues that matter to you. There are endless possibilities.

We would love to work with you to devise a broadcasting scheme for the year. You’d be involved within a broad campus discussion that encourages communication between all organizations, educational departments, scholars, students, professors, alumni and administrators. We hope to maintain and create a safe, open space for which people of our community feel free to share different ideas, stories, faiths, philosophies, opinions, sounds and topics.

What does your life sound like? We want to listen.

While we encourage anyone who is interested to step up and start creating/recording/broadcasting, here are some possibilities and basic ideas for getting involved:

· Announcements of news and events
· Interviews with leaders in the organization/community
· Commentary/discussion of campus, local, state and national news

Please contact us if you’re interested in working with us to publicize your event, organization, business, or show and we can discuss possibilities for getting you on the air and having your voice heard. Look forward to hearing from you!