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Radio FAQ

Who's in charge of SU Radio?

Station Managers: Hannahkate Schaeffer and Winston Myers
Music Director: Megan Dinoia
Production Manager: Emma Davis

Our advisor is Neal Mann.

Contact Us.

Who started SU Radio?

Kaitlyn Dennis, Brooke Lyssy, Katy Siciliano, and Andrea Plybon received a King Creativity Grant in November 2007 to create an internet radio station. 

How does SU Radio broadcast?

We are internet-only radio station, operating through LIve365.

Where is SU Radio located?

Our studio is located in between Kurth and Mabee on the first floor. The windows are marked on the inside and out, so you should be able to find us easily!

Who all can host shows?

Anyone who is a member of the Southwestern community will have the opportunity to host a show. This includes students, faculty, staff, and alumni.

How does SU Radio get music to play?

Our King Creativity Fund money did not cover purchasing a music library, so we built our music library through individual participants' music collections.   All music must be legally obtained, either through an original CD or through iTunes or a similar service.  If you have music you want to give us, please send us an email and we will set up a time to add it into the library!

What sort of music/shows does SU radio have?

We have a very eclectic mix of programming determined by the music the DJs have brought in.  Right now, we have music shows ranging from punk to classical, and everywhere in between.  We also broadcast recordings of special events, interviews, round-table discussions, and story-telling. (see the homepage for a list of shows)

Are there restrictions about what can be played?

Yes.  Working with Live365 means that we can play music licensed by three licensing companies: BMI, ASCAP, and SESAC.  Virtually all signed artists will be affiliated with one of the three companies, and you can search their databases on their websites to make sure the music you want to play is OK.  If you have music you really want to play that isn't covered by any of the three, please send us an email with as much information about the music as possible, and we will try to get individual permission to play it. 

My computer can't play SU Radio or it cuts out too often for me to listen.  What's wrong?

SU Radio broadcasts at a very high bit rate and often will not work very well with slower internet connections.  Right now, we are looking into offering a lower-bitrate stream so that we can become available to more students.

Does SU Radio follow FCC guidelines?

We do not have to adhere strictly to FCC regulations due to our status as an internet radio station, but even so, we try to keep all programming before 9pm relatively free of offensive language.

Why doesn't SU Radio play the music I hear on other stations?

SU Radio's purpose is to provide a unique mix of music chosen by the students that run the station.  Some shows feature more popular music, while most tend to focus more on bands that you won't normally hear on Top 40 radio stations.  If there's an artist you really want to hear on SU Radio, please email us.

What does SU Radio do as an organization, other than broadcast shows?

SU Radio is an active organization on campus outside of our office! We put on dance parties every year, collaborate on events with other organizations, hold fundraisers (bake sales, raffles), and organize other music-related events (like SXSU in the Spring). Please visit our Get Involved page for more information - we would love to have you join us!

Can I help out, even if I don't want to be a DJ? [first see above]

Sure.  One way to be involved without committing to be a DJ is to join the SU Radio facebook group.

PLEASE email us with any ideas you can offer. Get Involved or Donate Broadcasting! We're always looking for extra help.